68 Games Like Merge Plane: Click and Idle Tycoon

Merge Plane: Click and Idle Tycoon is an Idle-Clicker and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Merger Games for Android and iOS. The game involves the player to merger and develop his airline to become the air tycoon. In the game, the player as the captain needs to start the game by taking control of own parking apron and airline. To advance through the game he needs to purchase, merge and manage his airplanes so he can make them fly to make as much money as possible. The player starts the game with limited resources and the small empty land where he must build an airline by tapping on the screen as fast as possible. The player uses his earned money to unlock upgrades and use them to expand his parking apron. To start his airline empire the player can find new planes, an airline, and more. Merge Plane: Click and Idle Tycoon includes prominent features such as Manage his Planes, Build an Airline, Make Money, and more. Try it out, and you’ll like it.

7. Cookie Collector 2

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Cookie Collector 2 offers a similar game-play to Cow Clicker and allows you to build your own bakery where you can bake cookies and get rich by selling them. With tons of totally unique cookies, amazing upgrades and loads of entertaining things, Cookie Collector 2 lets you grow bigger and…

12. RPG Clicker

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RPG Clicker is an Incremental RPG and Fantasy Based Idle Clicker/Tapper video game by Epic Pixel, LLC. Instead of Dungeon Crawling, RPG Clicker allows you to target your enemies by simply tapping on them, use weapons, find epic Loots, discover powerful Spells and use them against the enemies to kill…

19. Weapon Clicker CS GO

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Weapon Clicker CS GO is a cool Idle Clicking and Tapping video game that allows you to arm yourself with the finest weapons. Your task is simply to open up the cases filled with different types of weapons and their skins, collect them by tapping on them and store them…

22. Clicker Wars

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Clicker Wars is a cool video game that amalgamates RPG and Idle Clicking/Tapping elements all together in a very beautiful manner. The game leaves you in a wonderfully beautiful world filled with countless monsters, heroes and huge piles of riches. Your task is to simply tap on the restless monsters…

23. Clicker Monsters: Tap to Kill

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Clicker Monsters: Tap to Kill takes you to an enchanted world filled with all kinds of monsters and allows you to challenge them simply via tapping on them and let them fight for you. The game-play bases upon how fast you tap on your screen and allows you to enjoy…

24. Tap Hero: War of Clicker

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Tap Hero: War of Clicker is a fun RPG and Fantasy-based Idle Clicker/Tapper video game. The game allows you to be a Hero who alone stands against the hordes of the monsters who are trying to free their masters from the curse of the Crystals. Your task in the game…

25. Tap Tap Infinity

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Tap Tap Infinity is a wonderful new incremental and Idle Clicking / tapping video game that combines Action and RPG elements with the Idle Clicking and provides with a uniquely marvelous game-play and mechanics. The game sets you up as a Hero and tasks you to kill the attacking enemies…

26. Platypus Evolution

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Platypus Evolution, a cool Idle clicking and tapping video game that allows you to play the game with Platypus and earn a lot of coins and other upgrades etc. The game lets you tap rapidly on the Platypus and generate coins to buy upgrades and earn more coins. According to…

27. Make It Rain: Love of Money

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Have you ever experienced the rain of money? Well this game Make It Rain: Love of Money takes you to an amazing world of riches and wonders where you can collect money falling like rain and be as rich as you want. The game lets you earn money, invest it…

28. Pocket Mine

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Pocket Mine takes you to an amazing digging adventure and lets you get rich by digging and collecting the unseen treasures hidden beneath the earth. The game lets you dig deep into the earth and find treasures and collect them by tapping on them. You can move in all directions…

29. Virtual Beggar

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Virtual Beggar spawns you as a beggar and allows you to generate enough money by tapping to create a business empire. You can make money by simply tapping on the buildings and other things on your screen, and by begging from the people passing by. If they are generous enough,…

30. Sakura Clicker

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Sakura Clicker is a wonderful Idle Clicker/Tapper video game by Winged Cloud. The game allows you to click on different anime-based girl characters, lower their health by fighting them off and earn coins. The coins can be used to hire more help to multiply the clicking power and damaging the…

37. PolitiCats

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PolitiCats is a Role-playing, Idle Clicker and Single-player video game for Android and iOS by Reality Squared Games. The game takes place in the fantastic environment populated with cats who needs your help to find the best political power. In the start, you can create your cuddly and cute candidate,…

49. Homeless?

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Homeless is a Survival and Single-player Simulation created and published by Positively Made for Android. The game offers an incredible gameplay where you controls the homeless man lives in a box. It offers simple controls and the game is tasked you with improving the poor man life. At the beginning…

50. Grab them by the Eyes

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Grab them by the Eyes is a Time Management and Single-player Strategy video game available to play on the Browser. The game offers exciting gameplay that you have never experienced before. The game lets the player assumes the role of an old man, who opens a shop on the corner…
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