Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2


Games Like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 for PS Vita

#1 Bastion


Bastion is a Wonderful Action-RPG video game developed by Supergiant Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game lets you control The Kid, move though floating platforms in a fantasy-based environment, fight enemies, collect Shards of Rocks, Use magical powers and different weapons (Swords, Hammers, knives etc.) in epic enemy encounters, explore and solve puzzles in World of Caelondia and enjoy the ultimate fun. With wonderful graphics, and challenging game-play, Bastion is a wonderful game to play. One brilliant feature of the game is the Dynamic Voice-over presented in a beautiful 2D environment and the Isometric Camera view makes it even more involving. For all the hardcore Action-RPG enthusiasts, Bastion offers hours of pure entertainment, so do try this one out.


#2 Dante’s Inferno


Dante’s Inferno is a fantastic Single and Multiplayer Hack and Slash and Action-Adventure video game by Visceral Games and Artificial Mind and Movement. The game features the protagonist Dante, a Crusader laced up with his primary weapon Death Scythe and the Holy Cross. According to the Storyline, Dante goes on a mission to eliminate the Hell’s Minions and engages into epic Combats, Platform and environmental Puzzles. The story takes another turn when the King goes on to search for a Holy Relic that is hidden under the folds of mystic environments. The king entrusts Dante with all the prisoners but Dante kills the Prisoners and the King sends him to find the Holy Relic as to punish him. Dante embarks on an epic journey to find the Holy Relic and reaches down to the Palace of King Saladin where he gets stabbed multiple times by the Assassins. Wounded badly, Dante returns back to Florence, Italy to his Father and his one true Love Beatrice, but instead finds them dead. Beatrice’s Soul appears in front of him and tells him all about how she and Dante’s father got killed. Dante Vows to revenge and descends into an opening into the ground at the spot where Hell and Earth borders. Dante reaches to the Hell’s Gate where he encounters the Minions of Lucifer, starts killing them selflessly, encounters Lucifer and kills him after a series of fast-paced and Action-filled melee combats. Dante then finds the Holy Relic and the game concludes. With a very interesting story, state of the art visuals and a super thrilling game-play, Dante’s Inferno is a wonderful game to play.