Marine Park Empire


Games Like Marine Park Empire for PC

#1 News Tycoon


News Tycoon is an Adventure, Strategy, Management, and Single-player video game developed by Oreol for Windows. Throughout the game, the player owns a newspaper company with the mission to build the best empire. The player starts with a small firm, but as he makes progress, he can turn it into an unimagined news channel.

To attract the people, the player must cover the top trending highlights and bold the hit news. The player must hire efficient journalists that will promote the player’s newspaper. As the player starts gaining fame, he can rent out new places all over the country and earns more profit.


#2 World of Zoo


World of Zoo is a Casual, Simulation, Management, and Single-player video game developed by Blue Fang Games. Throughout the game, the player manages a zoo with the mission to take care of animals belonging to more than ten families. The game has over ninety animal species, including water animals, wild ones, and friendly birds.

Keeping the animals happy is essential and will result in hearts and tokens letting the player buy food, tools, and new animals. The player can unlock certain achievements by completing the quests, such as raising the animal family’s status. If the player scares the animals, they can attack.


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