Lost Twins – A Surreal Puzzler


Games Like Lost Twins – A Surreal Puzzler for Mac OS

#1 Inner Mazes – Souls Guides


Inner Mazes – Souls Guides is an Adventure, Puzzle, Turn-based, and Single-player video game developed by IIex Games. During the gameplay, the player gets control over a character whose main task is to simulate around the adventurous world. Through his journey, the player will come to face multiple ghosts and souls, which demands the player’s help.

The game has plenty of characters such as Ere, Lucas, Pombagira, and many others, where each one is dominant in something. Lucas loves the journey for spirituality and knowledge, and if his energy bar is over, the game gets over. Exu can recover his energy by gathering sugarcane liquor, which allows him to open hidden paths and walk through flames.