Lords of WaterDeep


Games Like Lords of WaterDeep for Linux

#1 PoxNora


PoxNora combines the elements of Turn-based Strategy, Collectible Card (CCG), Action, and Role-playing developed and published by Desert Owl Games LLC. The game takes place in the fantasy-based world and can be played on Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. It supports both Single and Multiplayer modes and introduces a variety of cards each with its unique abilities and spell. The primary task of the player is to create his unique deck by selecting a set of cards, which consists of thirty runes, consisting of relics, champions, equipment, and spells. There are four different lobbies, and the player can get into one of them to chat with other players around the globe or play the game. The fifth lobby is reserved for trading discussion. The player can play alone in the Single-player campaign against AI Character or can compete against another player in Multiplayer mode to show off his strategies. The game offers turn-based gameplay, and the player’s primary objective is to use a card to attack the enemy on his turn and try to defeat them using various abilities. Score the best points and gain experience to progress through the game. As the game proceed, it unlocks other features and content. PoxNora is the best game as compared to other CCGs.