4 Games Like Lock’s Quest for PS3

Lock’s Quest lets you experience the perfect mix of RTS (Real-time Strategy) and Tower-defense gameplay elements developed by 5th and published by THQ Nordic for Multiple Platforms. The game has both modes such as Single-player and Multiplayer, and it takes place in the Kingdom, created by using the mysterious substance called Source. In the game, the creators of the kingdom who studied the mysterious source in an attempt to understand its properties. The game is played from an isometric viewpoint, and the battle is split into two different phases such as Battle and Build. During the Build segment, the player has countless time and resources to build defenses, which comprises cannons, walls, machines, and more. Once this mode becomes the end, the Battle phase will start. The player can navigate the 3D world and move across it from an isometric view to fulfill his objectives to become the master. With engaging gameplay, brilliant graphics, and superb towers to place, Lock’s Quest is the best game to play.

1. Savage Moon

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Savage Moon offers a brilliant mix of Strategy and Tower Defense gameplay elements by FluffyLogic and Sony Computer Entertainment. The game supports Single-player mode only and offers stunning gameplay. It takes place in the off-world environment where the player must struggle to defend his remote area from constant attack by…

2. Comet Crash

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Comet Crash offers a Tower Defense video game developed and published by an American Studio Pelfast. The game supports both Single-player and Multiplayer modes, and it takes place in a good world where players can partake in either co-op or versus matches. The premise of the game is the player…

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