Legends of Exidia


Games Like Legends of Exidia for PS3

#1 Zenonia


Zenonia is one of the best games of this specific genre that offers a brilliant combination of Action-Adventure, RPG and Fantasy elements. Zenonia lets you be the protagonist named as Regret who embarks on a journey to know all about himself and his lost past. As you go on with the character, you’ll discover the ultimate evil plot of the game and the game itself will embed you deeply into the game-play. Your task in the game is to explore the world of Zenonia, complete a number of quests, interact with the NPCs, get your course of actions corrected and go hunting down the evil demons. With a number of character selection and development options that Zenonia offers, it lets you enhance your character and skills as you proceed to the more advanced levels of the game. Zenonia offers a well-written story, brilliant visuals and a marvelously engaging and immersive game-play. With multiple high fantasy sequels, Zenonia tops the ranks among best Action-Adventure and RPG games.


#2 Okami


Okami, developed by Clover Studio, Ready at Dawn and Hexa Drive and published by Capcom is an Action-Adventure, RPG and Fantasy game released for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Wii gaming platforms. The game thrives in the history of Japan and bases on many Japanese mythologies and legends. The story of the game tells us about a heavenly entity named Amaterasu who descends to earth and saves it from the darkness. It changes its appearance into a wolf and roams the land, kills all the hostile creatures and removes the dark spells and nourishes the land. Okami features an amazing game-play that resembles the one in Zelda, a super engaging and involving story, woodcut (Water color styled) 3D graphics and an open world. Having a close resemblance to Zelda this game is a wonderful piece of art and it will surely entertain you a lot.


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