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21 Games Like Knives Out

Knives Out is an Adventure, Battle Royale, and Multiplayer video game set in the massive map full of resources, weapons, and more. The game starts with the player choosing his playable character and customize it to change the appearance by choosing several combinations. In the beginning, up to 100 players parachute onto a plane who spread after landing on the surface. After that, each player must scavenge for weapons, items, and equipment and include them in his inventory to use when needed. The player can navigate the world from a third-person view with a job to gather weapons, take aim, and hit the trigger to take down other players to be the last to win. The world comprises mountains, unique locations, and train tunnels to explore. The player can team up with other players from across the world, the battle against rival teams and defeat them to make points. There are three different modes such as Fireteam, Squad, and Duo Modes. With addictive gameplay, superb graphics, and touch controls, Knives Out is the best game to play.

2. PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)

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PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an Action-Adventure, Third-person Perspective, and Battle Royale video game developed and published by PUBG Corp. PUBG offers the fictional environment where the game takes place and puts up to hundred players in a Battle Royale, a type of last standing deathmatch, where the ultimate task of…

3. Grand Battle Royale

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Grand Battle Royale is an Action-Adventure, Third-person Shooter, Battle Royale and Multiplayer video game developed and published by OneTonGames for Android. The game offers a massive environment full of other players from around the globe and lets you select your playable character and dive into the battle. The ultimate task…

6. Last Man Standing

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Last Man Standing is a Massively Multiplayer Online, Third-person Perspective, and Action video game created and published by Free Reign Entertainment. The game takes place in the stunning world and includes a variety of character classes. Select your character and customize it using different accessories and items. Choose the best…

7. Battle Game Royale

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Battle Game Royale developed by SZ Interactive for Android is an Action-Adventure, Third-person Shooter, and Multiplayer video game with Battle Royale twist. The game features different characters and enable the player select one of them to start the game from paragliding and jump into the tropical island full of challenging…

9. Fortnite

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Fortnite offers the superb blend of Third-person Perspective, Battle Royale, Survival, and Sandbox elements and supports Co-op, Single-player, and Online Multiplayer modes developed and published by Epic Games for multiple platforms. The game is about exploration, scavenging items, crafting weapons, building different structures, and fighting against hordes of enemies and…

10. TIO: Battlegrounds Royale

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TIO: Battlegrounds Royale is an Open World, Exploration and Battle Royale video game developed and published by John Wright for Android platform. The game offers the similar gameplay to other Battle Royale games and lets the player select his character and customize it to jump into the challenging environment. The…

11. Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

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Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is an Action-Adventure, Online, First-person Shooter and Competitive video game inspired by the Battle Royale genre and the games of The Hunger. The game takes the player in a distance homeworld, where he has to select his playable character, customize it and participate in the…

12. Black Survival

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Black Survival is an Adventure, Strategy, Single-player and Multiplayer video game created by Archbears for Android and iOS. The game takes place in the fictional environment and offers ten playable characters including Alex, Fiora, Zahir, Aya, Jackie, Hyejin and more. After selecting your character, you are able to jump into…

15. The Skies

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The Skies is an Action-Adventure, First-person Perspective, Survival, Open World and Multiplayer video game with Battle Royale elements developed and published by Eforb. The game takes place in the post-apocalyptic-themed world and brings Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing elements with non-linear gameplay. In the game, you can follow your path or…

17. Infestation: The New Z

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Infestation: The New Z is an Action-Adventure, Massively Multiplayer Online, Open World and Role-playing video game with Horror-Survival and Battle Royale elements developed by Fredaikis AB. The game offers a huge environment and features a dynamic player versus player experience in multiple modes and environments. There are different playable characters…

18. H1Z1: King of the Kill

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H1Z1: King of the Kill is a wonderful Action-Adventure, Third-person Shooter, and Battle Royale video game by Daybreak Game Company for Microsoft Windows. It offers a massively detailed environment populated with other real players. The game starts with the protagonist paragliding onto the map from a plane to participate in…

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