Knights Age: Heroes of Wars


Games Like Knights Age: Heroes of Wars for Nintendo 3DS

#1 The Battle Cats Pop!


The Battle Cats Pop! developed and published by Panos Corporation is an Action, Puzzle, Strategy, Single and Multiplayer video game available to play on Nintendo 3DS. The game combines the elements of Tower-defense, Base building, and Combat. It centers on cats and lets you build your base, recruit your army by gathering fighting cats and train them to participate in the battle against another player. The primary task is to fight against the enemy and struggle to destroy the base before they the enemy destroy yours. Explore the world to find treasure and use them to upgrade your base and armies of cats. There are a variety of stages that can be completed by training your cats. Unlock boosters and power-ups to enhance your power and become unbeatable. As the game proceed, it becomes challenging, and you may face more powerful enemies. It features two new systems such as Super Simple Battle and Superb Simple Leveling. The Battle Cats Pop! offers core features such as Strategic Gameplay, a variety of Levels, different Bases, exciting Cats and more. The Battle Cats Pop! is the best game to play and enjoy.