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30 Games Like Kirby’s Return: To Dream Land

Kirby’s Return: To Dream Land is an Action Platform, Single-player and Multiplayer video game created by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo. The game is set in the exotic land, and it is the 12th installment in the series of platform video games Kirby and comes with several changes, new content, improvements and more. The game introduces the staple gameplay like its series, in which the protagonist named Kirby who has an ability to inhale and copy foes to gain a series of attacks like breathing fire and swinging a sword. It supports Co-op Multiplayer mode, enabling up to four players to control different characters, including King Dedede, Waddle, and more. The story of the game revolves around the characters restoring the scattered pieces of the crashed alien ship. The game is played from a side-scroll perspective, and the main job of the player is to command the extraterrestrial Magolor, whose spaceship has badly crashed onto the Pop Star. The title retains his signature ability to inhale enemies and objects to use later when need. With cool gameplay, stunning graphics, and superb mechanics, Kirby’s Return: To Dream Land is the best game to play.

6. Jett Rocket

Wii Amazon
Jett Rocket is probably one of the best Puzzle, Adventure and platform video games that takes you to a planet named as Yoroppa currently under attack by the wicked power plants. The game provides with a similar game-play and mechanics and allows you to explore a huge area filled with…

9. Soosiz HD

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Soosiz HD provides with a bit different game environment but a similar game-play to the popular Mario series games. The game is a great Adventure Platformer and provides with a Gravity Defying and quite exhilarating experience of excitement. You can get into the game world in a cartoonish appearance and…

12. Banjo Kazooie

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Banjo Kazooie is a Single-player Action-Adventure and Puzzle-platform video game by Rare. The game features two characters of Banjo and Kazooie and tells the story about their struggle against the vicious Antagonist named as Gruntilda. Gruntilda is after Banjo’s sister Tooty and wants to switch her degrading appearance with her…

18. Super Mario

3DS Wii U Amazon
Super Mario, developed by Nintendo EAD is a Fantasy Platform game set in the fictitious realm named as Mushroom Kingdom. The game features the character of a mascot Mario who accompanies his brother Luigi on amazing adventures in a land filled with Puzzles and Platforms. The only purpose of Mario…

21. Journey Below

iOS Amazon
Journey Below is a Platform, Action, Side-scroll and Single-player video game by Ravenous Games Inc. for iOS. The game casts you in the role of the Knight and embarks you on an adventure to defend your kingdom against evil monsters. You can control your character using touch controls, and there…

23. Chasm

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Chasm is a Role-playing, Single-player, Side-scroll and Platform video game created and published by Bit Kid, Inc. In the story, a small mining world falls silent, the protagonist, a young soldier known as Daltyn is sent of interrogate that what happen. Upon arriving in the town called Karthas, he finds…

27. Ball Dash

Android Amazon
Ball Dash developed by FatCat Studio is an Arcade, Side-Scroll and Single-player video game released for Android platform only. The game takes place in the fantastic world and allows you control an unstoppable ball while collecting coins. It has different levels, and each level has its unique difficulty. Your ultimate…

29. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

3DS Wii Amazon
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest created by Rare and published by Nintendo is an Action, Platform, Side-Scroll, Single and Multiplayer video game available to play on Nintendo platform. It is the second entry in the series of Donkey Kong Country and introduces a story, revolving around the protagonist…

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