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2 Games Like King’s Field IV on Steam

King’s Field IV is an Action Role-playing, Dungeon Crawling and Single-player video game developed and published by FromSoftware. The game takes place in the medieval-themed world and casts the player in the role the protagonist. It is the fourth title in the series of King’s Field game. According to the story, an ancient race has resurfaced to take down havoc among the Kingdom. You can assume the role of the protagonist and your primary objective is to restore the idol to the Ancient City to destroy the ancient race and save the Kingdom from devastation. The world is populated with monsters and evils and you must explore the world from a first-person perspective, interact with environment and NPCs to progress through the game. You can use multiple weapons to kill monsters and can upgrade your tools using experience points. As the quest completes, the game will increase the difficulty of the level. King’s Field IV is the wonderful game for those players who love playing Role-playing games.

2. 8-Bit Adventure Anthology: Volume One

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8-Bit Adventure Anthology: Volume One is an Adventure and Single-player video game published by Abstraction Games and published by General Arcade. The serves as the compilation, including remakes of three superb point-and-click, adventure and 88-bit games ever. Déjà vu, The Uninvited and Shadowgate are three prominent games available in the…

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