Games Like Killzone for PS Vita

#1 Killzone: Mercenary


Killzone: Mercenary is a First-Person Shooter and Action video game created by Guerilla Cambridge. The game takes place on two Planets named as Vekta and Helghan and focuses on an ongoing war between them. Killzone: Mercenary sets you up into the character of Arran Danner, a skilled mercenary who works for ISA, a mega and powerful corporation. Loaded with mysteriously dangerous weapons, you must go to a mission and rescue Admiral Alex Grey from the Helghast forces. You must also eliminate all the operatives of the Helghast forces along with Colonel Kratek and destroy the facility after rescuing Admiral Alex and retrieving the stolen ISA weapons. Killzone: Mercenary is a superb combination of Action and First Person Shooting elements and it allows you to use whatever tactics and load out you want to as a mercenary and complete the game objectives. In the end of the mission completed successfully, the Employer (ISA) awards you with money that you can use to buy more weapons and upgrades. With a superbly embedded story, great visuals and an open world, this game will definitely provide you with huge amounts of fun filled and Action-Packed game-play. Do give it a try.


#2 Borderlands 2


Borderlands 2, developed by Gearbox Studios and published by 2K Games is an action, First-Person shooter and RPG (Role Playing Game) video game available to play on PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac OS X, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vista, Linux and Xbox 360. The game allows the player to complete different quests and collect different items such as loot and weapons, as a treasure seeker on a planet named Pandora. You get into the character of the protagonist a Vault Hunter and start the journey. As you advance in the game, you encounter the enemies and engage in battles and combats by using the guns and different weapons from a first person perspective. The game features a hardcore action and thrill filled game-play, a unique story-line along with single and multiplayer gaming modes to play the game with your friends and other players around the world online. You can play Borderlands 2 wonderful Action-Filled First-person Shooter video game to play and enjoy. You’ll find this game quite appealing and engaging, do try it out if you haven’t yet.