Kick the Buddy


Games Like Kick the Buddy for Mac OS

#1 Happy Room


Happy Room is a Ragdoll, Physics-based and Single-player video game created by Mana Potion Studios for multiple platforms. The game takes place in the laboratory and lets the player control a ragdoll-based character to perform various text in the lab environment. Different newest weapons are available to carry out a dangerous test on a durable human clone. The primary objective of the player is to damage the clone enough to fulfill the goals and win the level. During the game, the player uses different arms like a flamethrower, machine gun, melee combat, and firearms. It offers the similar gameplay to Beat the Boss game. Place grenades in various locations, and jump the clone on it to receive as many damages as possible. As the progress, it becomes challenging to play and unlock further content in the game to play and enjoy. With exciting features, impressive gameplay, touch controls and fantastic mechanics, Happy Room is the best game to play.