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Jump King

Jump King is an Action, Adventure, Platform, Fantasy, Tactical, Side-Scrolling, Strategy, and Single-player video game offered by Nexile. During the gameplay, the player assumes the role of an unnamed protagonist whose primary objective is to find out the legendary Smoking Hot Babe… read more
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9 Games Like Jump King


1. A Dance of Fire and Ice

A Dance of Fire and Ice is a Rhythm, Music, Action, and Single-player video game developed by the 7th Beat Games. During the gameplay, the player needs to continue the perfect equilibrium of the two orbiting planets on the path. When the equilibrium breaks, the game will over.

The game offers six different worlds, with each having different shapes and rhythms, such as octagons, triangles, squares, and hexagons. At the start, each level offers smooth gameplay, but when the player gets to advance, it becomes a tough test for the player to clear. A Dance of Fire and Ice comes up with two calibration modes, such as auto-calibration and manual calibration.


2. 140 (Video Game)

140 is a Music, Rhythm, Actin, Puzzle, Platform, and Single-player video game developed by Carlsen Games. The gameplay is similar to the Sound Shapes and Bit Trip series, where the player needs to create synesthesia using electronic music.

The player needs to sync up his moves and jumps to get control over the music elements, and the mode of difficulty increases as the player gets to advance. This game allows the player to utilize a geometric shape, a circle, a triangle to get to the end of the level. The game offers four different levels, and each of the levels contains specific its soundtracks.


3. Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a Music, Rhythm, Adventure, Casual, Arcade, and Single-player video game offered by Simogo. During the gameplay, the player assumes the role of a broken-hearted lady, and his main objective is to recollect the hearts by overcoming obstacles throughout the game.

The game offers more than twenty levels in surrealistic scenery, and each level contains multiple hurdles and collectibles in the shapes of hearts. On some levels, the player needs to push the required button in time to overcome an obstacle, while in plenty of the levels, the player can move the cursor to target and shoot the enemies.


4. Gris

Gris is a superb Adventure, Platform, and Single-player video game by Nomanda Studio. It has a single-player mode and takes place in the gorgeous world where the player takes on a female protagonist, a nameless protagonist, who finds herself in the palm of a crumbling statue of a woman. As she struggles to sing out, she speedily becomes choked up, and the hands of the statue crumble, dropping the girl to the colorless environment. After landing, she continues walking forward to find a number of strange structures that look to be powered by a strange point of light. While exploring, the player can gather these lights to obtain new abilities, including turning into a block of stone, to create new ways, and more. The game provides the player fantastic world free of frustration, danger, and death. The player explores the beautifully crafted world brought to life with detailed animation, delicate art, and an elegant original score. Gris includes prominent features such as Relaxing Music, Detailed World, Exploration Gameplay, a compelling Storyline, etc. Check it out, and embark on a journey to find color and hope.


5. Child of Light

Child of Light by Ubisoft Montreal is a marvelous Action-Adventure, Indie and Puzzle-Platform video game that tells the story of a young girl named Aurora who in the year 1895 awakens on the lands of Lemuria. After waking up she finds out that she is a long way from home, starts off her journey to her home but soon realizes that in order to reach home she’ll have to go through a Dark world filled with Dark Creatures of the evil queen of the Night. You are required to get into the role of Aurora, fight off all the Dark Creatures, Defeat the Queen of Night and free the Sun in order to bring light to the realm and finally reach home. Child of Light offers a great story filled with wonders, surreal visuals and sounds and an immersive game-play for you to play and enjoy. If you really want to play a really good game of Action-Adventure and Puzzle-Platform genres, Child of Light is best for you. It offers a brilliantly immersive gameplay, a well-written story and a lot of other great things to enjoy.


6. Another Sight

Another Sight is an Adventure, Steampunk, Puzzle, and Single-player video game created by Lunar Great Wall Studios and published by Fish Eagle. The game takes the player on a surreal fantasy adventure with elements of steampunk takes place in London in the past year 1899. With an emphasis on character and culture, the game mainly revolves around the emotional development of the relationship between two protagonists such as Kit and Hodge. During the navigation, they meet in the darkest construction site in London, after Kit loses her sight when the tunnel collapses. Both characters join each other for an adventure into an unexpected, with Hodge struggling to prove himself to be a faithful companion. The gameplay is superb, and the player moves across the world from a side-scroll perspective. While navigating the world, the player will experience the surreal world with superb animation effects. Thief Simulator includes prominent features such as Narrative-driven Gameplay, an Emotional Adventure, and more.


7. World of Goo

World of Goo is a beautiful Action-Adventure and Puzzle-Platform video game by 2DBoy. This wonderful Mix up of Indie, Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platform and Point and Click elements allows you to build massive structures with nothing but Goo Balls. The game offers five main chapters all filled up with challenging levels, with unique music, graphic themes and a totally unique environment. The amazing multiplayer feature allows the players from around the world to build amazing towers using goo balls and enjoy competing against each other. With a super engaging game-play, cool visuals and sounds etc., World of Goo is a brilliant game to play and enjoy. If you haven’t played it yet, you should definitely try it out. It’ll make you an addict.


8. Botanicula

Botanicula, by Amanita Design is an Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platformer video game. The story of the game revolves around five Tree Creatures friends who started their journey to save the last Seed from the Evil Parasites. The Seed is the only hope of saving their tree home. You can choose any character from the five tree creature friends and act as the story of the game suggests. You must ravel against the evil parasites and bring back the seed of life. Botanicula is an amazingly beautiful game of this genre that can be played with friends, family and partners. Some great features of this marvelous game are! More than 150 different game worlds to explore, hundreds of humorous animations, a lot of hidden bonuses, great music and voice over etc. With superbly created 3D graphics and great story and all of the amazing stuff, this game will definitely provide you with a lot of fun filled hours of gaming.


9. Just Shapes and Beats

Just Shapes and Beats is an Action video game for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch by Berzerk Studios. The game mainly revolves around Rhythm genre and supports both Single-player and Multiplayer options. In the game, the player controls the colourful shape with an aim to survive by dodging or overcoming pink shapes that move on the beat of the music. There is a story mode in the game, following the player through a set of levels, as he struggles to gather artifacts before discovering the massive circular enemy, serving as the boss. After taking down, the player reaches into a verdant landscape to find out the credits, but the evil boss comes again and steals three triangles to power its up. Then, bosses corrupt the land of the player, turning everything red and warping almost inhabitants. Now, it’s up to the player to restore the peace and undo all changes by reclaiming and purifying the triangles. Just Shapes and Beats includes prominent features, stunning gameplay, brilliant graphics, and smooth controls. Check it out, and have fun.

More About Jump King

Jump King is an Action, Adventure, Platform, Fantasy, Tactical, Side-Scrolling, Strategy, and Single-player video game offered by Nexile. During the gameplay, the player assumes the role of an unnamed protagonist whose primary objective is to find out the legendary Smoking Hot Babe. The player must possess the techniques of jumping to get to the top.

The player needs to hold the screen to reach the maximum height and release to leap away. The game is easy, but it demands more practice to be the master. Whenever the character is in the air, the player must handle the situation carefully as there is no chance to get back again.

While playing, the player will face curious non-playable characters on his way, different backgrounds, and significant animations; Once the character falls, no chance to get up again so the player must avoid falling to continue the game.

The game allows the player to share his best score with the friends and challenge them to beat his highest score for leading at the top of the leader board. Jump King has core features, such as Tactical Platform, Side-Scrolling Environment, 2D Graphics, Iconic Jump Mechanics, and Addictive Gameplay.