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Jenny LeClue: Detectivú

Jenny LeClue: Detectivú is an Adventure, Simulation, Detective, RPG, and Single-player video game for multiple platforms developed by Mografi. Throughout the gameplay, the player takes on the role of a female protagonist named Jenny WO has to unravel the mysteries of the small town… read more
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4 Games Like Jenny LeClue: Detectivú for iOS


1. realMyst

realMyst is an Adventure, Puzzle, Point-and-Click and Single-player video game developed and published by Cyan Worlds. The game invites the player to navigate the massive deserted island, where the player unearths the terrific storyline involving a set of books that reveal the alternate planes of reality. The player must explore the environment from a first-person perspective, use his wits to find hidden clues in the 3D environments. During the gameplay, the player will discover video clips, text, and other items to solve the tricky puzzles. It brings an exciting gameplay that the player has never experienced before. There are a variety of levels and each level offers a set of objectives that the player must complete to progress through the story. As the game progresses, it becomes tough to master and additional content will be unlocked. realMyst includes core features such as Dynamic Environments, Haunting Music, Advanced Navigation, Hint System, and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.


2. Syberia

Syberia is a 2002’s Hit Single-player Point-and-Click Action and Adventure, Third-person video game by Microids. The game follows the story of Kate Walker, game Protagonist and a skilled Lawyer who tries to wrap up a deal for her client in Europe and Russia, but soon after reaching her destination, she is forced to run for her life. With amazing and realistic visual novel style, wonderful environments, brilliant characters and immersive game-play, Syberia allows you to experience the true hardships a Lawyer can go through and in her case, as the story-line suggests, you get a really good lesson out of that. Running for her life, Kate goes through a number of hardest phases of her life including the time when she receives calls on her Cell Phone from unknown numbers and a worsening relationship with her fiancé. According to the story of the game, Kate reaches to French Village named as Valadilene, where she attends the funeral of Toy Factory owner, an old lady named Anna Voralberg. After a visit to the local notary, Kate gets to know about the Old lady’s brother Hans, living in the North-East of Europe but his whereabouts are unknown. In order to transfer the ownership, Kate must find him and when she starts off her journey to find Hans, the story takes a massive turn that actually writes the fate of Kate. A drama begins that topples her life upside down. Now in order to go with the story and enjoy the game, you must get into the character of Kate and start exploring. Syberia offers a fantastic thrill filled Drama and an equally exciting game-play that makes this game one of the most amazing additions to this specific genre. If you are a fan of Action-Adventure gaming, you must play this game and raise the curtains off of the mysterious theme of the game. With all the amazing things combined, Syberia offers a unique story, a totally challenging and quite exciting game-play and beautiful 3D visuals for you to enjoy.


3. The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey offers a great Point-and-Click, Action-Adventure, Exploration and Puzzle experience for all the lovers of these specific genres. With amazing new characters, brilliant setting and an immersive game-play, The Longest Journey lets you be part of a multi-layered and a great story that will definitely leave you spellbound for quite some time. The game is set in the two parallel universes named as Stark and Arcadia and it allows you to be the protagonist April Ryan, a student living in Stark City who has the magical ability to move between the two universes. You as the protagonist will have to move to the Arcadia Universe where she meets with the White Dragon who tells her about the coming adventure. Soon after meeting the White Dragon, April gets attacked and suddenly shifts back to the main Stark universe. In order to find out the source of attack and who is behind it, you’ll have to move to a number of locations, interact with objects and NPCs, collect the clues and solve some challenging puzzles and finally reach to source and conclude the story. With a number of great characters, a marvelous setting, immersive game-play and stat of the art visuals, The Longest Journey is a fun game to play.


4. Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy

Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy takes you to amazing First-person Point-and-Click Adventures of a journalist and explorer who struggles to save a mysterious species of a Bird. The game offers a resembling game-play and story to Syberia and allows you to embark on a journey in the drawbacks of the year 1990. As the stories told by a renowned explorer named Alexander Valemboise about giant white birds started to fade away, you as the young journalist took the challenge of investigating the matter and embarked on the journey. Following the story-line, you’ll have to go through the harsh and unforgiving environment of Amerzone and find out the clues about the stories told by Alexander Valemboise, get back with the relevant and strong proof of his stories being true and help him regain his dignity. Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy offers a wonderful gaming atmosphere and allows you to enjoy an amazing and quite fascinating Adventure experience. With marvelous game setting, great visual details, well-written story and an engaging game-play, Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy is one of the best Action-Adventure and Point and Click puzzle video game to enjoy .


More About Jenny LeClue: Detectivú

Jenny LeClue: Detectivú is an Adventure, Simulation, Detective, RPG, and Single-player video game for multiple platforms developed by Mografi. Throughout the gameplay, the player takes on the role of a female protagonist named Jenny WO has to unravel the mysteries of the small town. While inspecting the world, the player views the environment from a third-person perspective.

The game allows the player to interact with most of the items in the game. During dialogue sections, the player can judge the person whether he is lying or speaking the truth. The game has multiple locations for exploration, such as mines, mountains, police stations, graveyards, and libraries.

Jenny will come to meet with suspicious characters who can be beneficial for her help or hinder her from the truth. The game has multiple endings, and each outcome depends on the player’s decision. The core features of the game are Multiple Endings, Female Protagonist, Decision Making, and Detective Gameplay.