19 Games Like iON Bond

iON Bond is a beautiful Puzzle video game about colliding and binding subatomic particles developed and published by Smiling Bag for Android and iOS. The game offers an amazing gameplay, in which the player needs to create a force by combining particles and colliding them together inside the vacuum to create incredible collisions. More than seventy levels are present, and each level offers a numerous particle and the law of physics. The ultimate task of the player is to score the highest points by solving a set of puzzles and challenge his friends to beat it. The game becomes challenging to play, as the player advances through the stages. The concept of the game is simple, where bonds can only form between charged particles, opposite poles attract while similar poles repel. It offers simple to play, but hard to master gameplay that the player will enjoy. iON Bond includes brilliant features such as Seventy Levels, Numerous Particle Types, Secret  Mode, Multiple Stages and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.

2. RYB

Steam Win Mac Linux Amazon
RYB is a Logical Puzzle and Single-player video game where the player can play with colors and beautiful shapes to solve problems. The game features a tricky gameplay developed and published by FLEB. The game looks like a combination of minesweeper and Sudoku elements and introduces more than sixty puzzles,…

4. Oik 2

Win Amazon
Oik 2 offers a unique, but addictive Puzzle video game with Physics-based elements developed and published by Dr. Crewcut for Microsoft Windows. The game features up to sixty levels with 365 achievements and relaxing music. In the game, the player needs to keep the blue square block for three seconds…

5. Rubek

Android iOS Win Mac Amazon
Rubek is a tricky Puzzle, Minimalist, and Single-player video game produced and published by Xigma Games. The game features more than seventy hand-crafted levels and lets the player control the cube and effort to complete a variety of puzzles to progress through the game. During the gameplay, the player can…

6. PentaPuzzle

Wii U Amazon
PentaPuzzle mixes the Strategy and Puzzle elements and offers a tricky gameplay developed and published by RCMADIAX for Nintendo Wii U. The game features Single-player mode only and focuses on challenging puzzle of shapes. There are a series of exciting puzzles available, and the player needs to solve each one…

8. Khaba

Android iOS Win Mac Amazon
Khaba is an exciting, Puzzle and Single-player video game produced and published by Hello There AB for multiple platforms. The story of the game revolves around the protagonist named as Michael, an adventurer who is looking for ancient treasure. After finding himself stuck in the dark ancient pyramid known as…

10. Quell Zen

Android iOS Win Amazon
Quell Zen is a Puzzle and Single-player video game created by Fallen Tree Games and features more than 200 mind-bending crafted puzzles available to play on multiplayer platforms. The game features the pleasant music with thrilling gameplay and lets you complete a variety of puzzles throughout levels and become the…

11. Socioball

Android iOS Amazon
Socioball is a Puzzle, and Single-player mobile video game for Android and iOS developed and published by Yellow Monkey Studios Pvt. Ltd. The game features an exciting and mind-bending gameplay where you can play more than sixty levels with a task to guide the ball from start to end by…

14. Klocki

Android iOS Steam Win Mac Linux Amazon
Klocki is a Relaxing, Minimalist and Single-player Puzzle video game created and published by Maciej Targoni for multiple platforms. The game offers amazing gameplay and introduces a variety of levels each offers different unique puzzle and mechanics. In the beginning, the starts with moderate difficulty, as the player progresses it…

15. Blek

Android iOS Amazon
Blek is an excellent, Puzzle and Single-player video game available to play on Android and iOS created and published by Kunabi Brother. The game is about personality and imagination and enables you to watch your creation moving like magic. There are hundreds of impressive levels, and each level contains a…

17. Ultraflow 2

Android iOS Amazon
Ultraflow 2 is an Arcade, Puzzle and Single-player video game created by Ultrateam for Android and iOS. The game mixes the gameplay of mini-golf and air hockey in a minimalist experience. There are no specific goals, challenges and time-based stages to play. The player must guide the ball, move around…

19. VOI

Android iOS Win Mac Amazon
VOI is a Single-player Puzzle-based video game from the developer of Hocus, Gamebra.in. It offers a unique mind-bending gameplay that you have never experienced before. There are numerous levels with increasing difficulty and you must accomplish each level to prove your puzzle skills. In the game, you have to drag…

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