10 Games Like Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone

Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone is a Role-playing, Isometric Perspective, and Single-player video game published by Com2uS Corp for iOS. It is the sequel to the classic RPG video game, and the game takes the player into the fantasy-themed world full of monsters, heroes, swords and sorcery. There are six playable characters available and players can command up to three suing the innovative party system, enabling 2 mercenaries to join them. During the gameplay, the player can move the character across the world via touch controls and can partake in online PvP matches against other players to show off his skills. Each character comes with its unique skills and abilities and has a different playstyle. The player can interact with NPCs and enemies to proceed through the story. He can use the unique powers and sword to take down enemies and attempt to complete the quests to earn XP points. Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone is the superb game as compared to other RPGs.

1. Elysion

Elysion is a Strategy, Management, and Single-player Business Simulation developed by Deep Thought and published by Magic Bytes. The game takes place in the historical places of Europe in 390 A.D. As the Western Empire attempts to repel the migrating Germanic tribes escaping from the incursion of the Huns into…

2. Brandish 2: The Planet Buster

Brandish 2: The Planet Buster is an Action Role-playing and Single-player video game takes place in the fantasy-themed world developed by Nihon Falcom Corp. and published by Koei. The game continues the storyline that was unfolded in the first title, depicting the events that appeared three years after the brutal,…

5. Eternal Quest

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Eternal Quest is a Fantasy-themed, Role-playing and Single-player video game played from an isometric perspective, developed by Tamsoft and published by Midas Interactive Entertainment, Ltd. The game takes the player in the world of swords, maze-like underground lairs, in which the player has to take down several vicious monsters, gather…

6. Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja

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Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja is an Action, Dungeon Crawling, and Single-player Role-playing video game created by Success and published by 505 Games for Nintendo DS. The storyline of the game follows the female protagonist named Izuna and her clan of ninja, searching for the safe place to settle…

7. Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns

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Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns is a Dungeon Crawling and Single-player video game developed by Ninja Studio and published by Success for Nintendo DS. The game is the sequel to Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja video game, released in 2007 and it mainly focuses on the adventure of the…

8. The Guided Fate Paradox

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The Guided Fate Paradox is a Role-playing and Rogue-like video game by Nippon Ichi Software and published by NIS America for PlayStation 3. The game supports Single-player mode only and takes place in the exciting environment. It mainly revolves around rogue-like gameplay where the player embarks on an epic journey…

9. Milandra

Milandra is the unique blend of Role-playing and Rogue-like elements, and the game supports Single-player mode, taking place in the procedurally generated world. The game mainly revolves around dungeon crawling elements and the player explores the land where the game is set from a top-down perspective. The game randomizes its…

10. Eternal Senia

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Eternal Senia mainly revolves around Role-playing elements developed and published by Holy Priest for Microsoft Windows. The game features a beautiful cast of anime characters and offers a mix of Action and Role-playing aspects. It provides the player with pleasure and relaxing experience, and its battle system doesn’t need any…

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