Infamous: Festival of Blood Alternatives

Infamous: Festival of Blood

Infamous: Festival of Blood is an Action-Adventure and Single-player video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by SCEA for PlayStation 3. The game serves as the part of the Infamous series, and it acts as the expansion pack based on the Infamous 2 but doesn’t need a copy of that game to play… read more
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22 Games Like Infamous: Festival of Blood


Saints Row

Saints Row is a 2006 Popular Open World Action and Adventure video game by Volition, Inc. The game offers a gameplay and mechanics inspired by the popular Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series games.

Just Cause

Just Cause by Eidos Interactive is the very first Marvel in the Just Cause series. The game offers a brilliant combination of Action, Adventure, Stealth and Third-person Shooting elements and is available to play on multiple platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is an Action-Adventure, RPG, Stealth and Third-person Shooter video game created by Ubisoft. This extraordinary game takes you to an alternate reality and lands you right into the fictitious setting of United States where you act as a vigilante named Aiden Pierce.


Prototype is an Action-Adventure, RPG, Stealth and Third-person Shooter video game by Activision. The game offers an Open World Environment, and it is set in Manhattan, USA. Prototype follows the character of an Amnesic and powerful Shapeshifter named as Alex Mercer, who sets out to fight against the Blacklight, a deadly plague that consumes the humanity of Individuals and converts them into altered ferocious monsters.

Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins is an Action-RPG, Beat em’ up and Stealth video game developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360 gaming platforms.

The Saboteur

The Saboteur, a third person Action-Adventure, Stealth and Shooter game that delineates the era of France in possession of Nazi Rule, is developed by Pandemic Studios. According to the storyline of the game, Sean Devlin, a race car mechanic and a hard drinker is the main protagonist.

Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 is an excellent Action-Adventure, Stealth and Third-person Shooting video game by Avalanche Studios. The game offers a unique gaming experience by continuing the adventures of agent Rico Rodriguez, a field operative of the agency after the events of Just Cause.

Prototype 2

Prototype 2 is an Action-Adventure, RPG, Third-person Shooter, Stealth and an open world game. The game lets you be the protagonist James Heller who vows to avenge the murders of his family because of the Black Virus spread by the antagonist Alex Mercer.

Crackdown 2

Crackdown 2, developed by Ruffian Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios is a Third Person Shooter, Action-Adventure and RPG game presented in a sandbox style to play on Xbox 360 gaming platforms.

Deus Ex

Deus Ex is an Epic Cyberpunk Action-RPG (Role Playing Game) and FPS (First Person Shooter) and Stealth video game, developed by Ion Storm and published by Eidos Interactive in collaboration with Aspyre and Square Enix.

Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third is an Action and Adventure packed game developed by Volition, Inc. and is available to play on PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Saints Row: The Third is one of the best games of this specific genre that offers versatility in almost every single element present in the game.

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is an amazingly addictive and engaging Action-RPG and Beat em’ Up video game by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game revolves around the character of Batman, who gets imprisoned in the Arkham City, a Mega Prison that surrounds the whole slums of Fictitious Gotham City.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a great Mix Up of Action-Adventure, Hack and Slash, RPG and Beat ‘em’ Up aesthetics. The game is based on the character of the same name Wolverine and kicks off with Wolverine Being hunted by a group of soldiers, in order to save his life he must fight them off or they will kill him with the modern tech weapon.

Just Cause 3

To all the Fans of Just Cause Series, Your favorite Hero Rico Rodriguez is back with a Bang in Just Cause 3. This time, the game lets you have the Freedom of Exploring a 1000 km² world where you can reach to the limits of Skies or uncover the secrets on Seabed, Unleash your Wrath and spread Chaos in ways that are unimaginable to the most.

The Darkness 2

The Darkness 2 is a wonderful FPS, RPG and Psychological Horror-Survival video game by Digital Extremes. You’ll have to control the character of Jackie Estacado, the leader of the Franchetti Criminal Family.

Infamous 2

Infamous 2 is an extremely hardcore Action and Adventure packed game by Sucker Punch Productions. The game is a sequel to the 2009’s famous game Infamous and the story of this thrilling game presents the scenario of a battle with zombie like alien creatures Aka.

Dante’s Inferno

Dante’s Inferno is a fantastic Single and Multiplayer Hack and Slash and Action-Adventure video game by Visceral Games and Artificial Mind and Movement. The game features the protagonist Dante, a Crusader laced up with his primary weapon Death Scythe and the Holy Cross.

Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw is an Action-Adventure RPG, Hack and Slash and a thrilling video game by Grasshopper Manufacture. The game is set in an apocalyptic era and features a female protagonist Juliet who fights off the zombies.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is another great Upcoming marvel and a brilliant addition to the Deus Ex series. The game offers a truly impressive Cyberpunk environment and lets you enjoy a brilliant combination of Third and First-person Shooting, Stealth and Action-RPG elements.

Killer is Dead

Killer is Dead lets the players enjoy a Futuristic Story that takes place in a world of Technological Advancements and Space Travel. Presenting Hardcore Action, Thrill and Hack and Slash elements, Killer is Dead focuses on the main character named as Mondo Zappa, a skilled Marksman, and an Executioner who works for the Bryan Execution Firm.

Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition

Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition is another great publication of Deep Silver, the makers of Killer is Dead. This brilliant Action and Hack and Slash game offer exclusive new features such as a new Difficulty Mode named as The Nightmare Mode that lets the players kill the enemies with a bunch of specific attacks such as Dodge Burst, Headshots, and Adrenaline Burst.

Remember Me

Remember Me is an Action and Adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by CapCom. This cool game is offered on PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The story of the game revolves around the protagonist Nilin’s character who is a memory hunter working for an underground organization called Errorists.

More About Infamous: Festival of Blood

Infamous: Festival of Blood is an Action-Adventure and Single-player video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by SCEA for PlayStation 3. The game serves as the part of the Infamous series, and it acts as the expansion pack based on the Infamous 2 but doesn’t need a copy of that game to play. The storyline takes place aside from a canon aspect of the previous title, told by the friend of the protagonist named Zeke Dunbar and revolves around the story of the gradual transformation of Cole into a vampire. It comes with a new playable character and offers new powers. Unlike the previous titles, the game doesn’t implement the choices matter featured in missions. The game starts with Zeke Dunbar who meets a woman at a bar and interacts with her when she notices a comic book that Zeke was reading. During the game, the woman is about to leave until Zeke mentions his relationship with Cole MacGrath, which persuaded the woman to stay and listen as he starts to tell her a tale involving Cole during the event of Pyre Night. Infamous: Festival of Blood has prominent features, and the game was released in 2001 for PS3.