Impossible Motor Bike Tracks Alternatives for PS2


Impossible Motor Bike Tracks

Impossible Motor Bike Tracks is a Sports, Simulation, Adventure, and Single-player video game developed by Tech 3D Games Studio. All through the game, the player takes on the role of a bike rider who has to fly through the skies to perform multiple stunts… read more
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6 Games Like Impossible Motor Bike Tracks for PS2


1. MotoGP 07

MotoGP 07 is a Racing, Single-player and Multiplayer video game created by Climax Racing and published by THQ for Multiple Platforms. The game acts as the 5th installment in the series and comes with all rider, teams, bikes, and eighteen circuits of 2007 MotoGP season. It features an online tournament, events, as well as Extreme mode. The game lets the player in the start to select his team from available and get ready to compete against rival riders for the trophy. The player navigates the environment from either a third-person view or a first-person perspective. He can modify his bike using the customization feature by changing the parts, upgrading the engine, carbon brakes, wheels, and more. The task of the player is to complete the course and cross the finish line before anyone to become the winner. It has three modes such as Championship mode, Sports Race, and Quick Race. With the stunning environment, brilliant graphics, and cool controls, MotoGP 07 is the best game to play.


2. Supercross Circuit

Supercross Circuit is a 1999 Racing, Sports, Single and Multiplayer Simulation created by TBC and published by 989 Studios. The game offers official riders and different tracks around the world. Different types of bike are available to select and ride. Before entering the game world, the player has to select his character with a unique and powerful bike and customize it to boost its performance. The player can play solo or against other players in multiplayer mode. Perform different stunts during gameplay and score the highest points to unlock other bikes, tracks and locations. The objective is to complete the track and cross the finish line first against rival races and earn rewards and achievements. The game uses third-person perceptive and includes a map to show the location of the player and his competitors. With superb tracks, immersive gameplay, superb controls, and stunning visuals, Supercross Circuit is the best game as compared to other Racing Simulations.


3. Downhill Domination

Downhill Domination is a marvelous game for Sports lovers. The game combines the elements of Third-person Perspective, and Racing elements created by Incognito Entertainment and published by SCEA. It supports both Single and Multiplayer modes and includes professional racers from around the world. There are lots of bikes and tracks and offers a differ gameplay from standard bike racing game having the rider riding downhill. The menu contain three choices such as Single, Multiplayer and a choice that lets the player to customize gameplay elements like difficulty, and perspective during gameplay. The ultimate task of the player is to defeat his against racers by crossing the finish line first against the opponents. Score the highest points to unlock a set of bikes, tracks and other locations. The player can immerse himself in fictional racing event experience and show off his racing abilities by completing tasks. Combat system is also introduces into the game, in which the player uses two buttons to attack his opponents. Downhill Domination is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.


4. Freekstyle

Freekstyle is an addictive game for those players who love playing motorcycle racing games created by Page 44 Studios and published by Electronic Arts. The game supports both Single and Multiplayer modes and consists of four different levels such as the Circuit, Free Run, a Quick Race and Freestyle. Select your character from professional riders, and pick up the best bike, customize it to boost performance and jump into the track. There are several race courses such as Monumental Motoplex, The Crust Belt, Burn-It Up-Race, Let It Ride, The Rocket Garden, and more. It uses third-person perspective and lets you uses boosters to enhance your speed and cross the finish line before your opponents. Play solo in Single-player Campaign or against friends in Multiplayer mode. Race freely, perform amazing stunts, and conquer the track to score the highest points. Freekstyle is the best game as compared to other Sports Bike Racing games. Try it out.


5. MTX Mototrax

MTX Mototrax combines the elements of Motorcross, Sports, Racing, and Multiplayer video game created by Left Field Productions and published by Activision. The game includes the best racers from around the world such as Nate Adams, Carey Hart, Mike Brown, Keeny Bartram, etc. and offers the best experience of the complete motocross ever. There are different bikes and tracks to select and play. The player starts from the career mode where he has to score the highest points by jumping higher at sixty seconds period. With customization option, the player can boost the performance of his bike using different equipment and select the clothes for his rider. As the player progress through the game, other bikes and tracks are unlocked. The main aim of the player is to cross the finish line before other players and win the superb rewards. Fastest Gaming Experience, New Online Play, Career Mode, Upgrade, Rider Customization, etc. are the key features of the game. Try it out.


6. MX Unleashed

MX Unleashed is a Sports, Racing, Single and Multiplayer video game created by Rainbow Studios and published by THQ. It is the sequel to MX Superfly and offers the similar gameplay to its predecessor. The game takes place in the stunning world consists of different locations around the globe and includes lots of new bikes, modes, and tracks. Before hitting the track, you must select your bike and its color, customize it to boost his power and select the clothes of your rider. During the race, your main aim to defeat your rival racers, and cross the finish line first against other racers to win prize money. As you progress through the game and gain experience, the game unlocks other tracks, bikes, and locations. The game uses third-person perspective and includes new Career Mode with re-mastered sounds. It also offers you an opportunity to play against your fellows with spilt-screen mode and show off your racing skills. MX Unleashed is the best game and offers core features, superb gameplay, and brilliant mechanics. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

More About Impossible Motor Bike Tracks

Impossible Motor Bike Tracks is a Sports, Simulation, Adventure, and Single-player video game developed by Tech 3D Games Studio. All through the game, the player takes on the role of a bike rider who has to fly through the skies to perform multiple stunts. All a player needs to do is to race fast both the heavy bike and dirt bike to avoid crashing and keep alive.

The game requires the player to perform killer stunts with superbikes by doing risky jumps over the ramps in the sky. It is a pure challenge for a player to maintain the balance of the motorcycle on narrow paths as the hurdles and obstacles are very hard to overcome.

The game also requires the player to have skills for the zig-zag race. If the player falls from impossible tracks, it will be the end of the game. The player must wear a bike helmet as safety for these difficult missions.