Hunted: The Demon’s Forge


Games Like Hunted: The Demon’s Forge for Android

#1 Blade of Darkness


Blade of Darkness is a Massively Multiplayer Online, and Real-time Strategy video game created by NaturalMotionGames Ltd for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. It offers realistic and breathtaking gameplay that you have never seen before and invites you to control Colossal Titans and tons of other warriors in the stunning game. In the start of the competition, you must select your character from available, create the kingdom, recruit the army to defend your castle and navigate the world to find resources. You can arm your army with high gears and gadgets and can command them into epic PvP Arenas. Fight against enemies, defeat them to loot their resources and claim their land to expand your kingdom. Earn points by completing tasks and use them to purchase usable items in the game. As the match progresses, it enhances its difficulty. You need to interact with other players to team you or play against them to show off your abilities by conquering the kingdoms. Blade of Darkness offers core features such as Build your Kingdom, Equip your Army with Weapons, Real-time Battles, Campaigns, Non-stop Event and more. Try it out.