Hotel Dash


Games Like Hotel Dash for Linux

#1 Achron


Achron is an amazingly engaging and addictive Meta-Time Strategy (RTS with Time-Travel) video game. The game lets you choose and customize your character from a number of choices and lets you be an Exiled Achron who lives in hundreds of years in future with all the human populace. Exploration of the Remnant System leads to the discovery of ancient alien’s ruins and technology. The Alien technology helps the humanity in building Teleportation devices that connected all the human colonies with the “Gates”. Everything seemed smooth until a colony stopped responding to the communication grid and the investigations lead to an alien invasion that soon covered every corner of the galaxy and great chaos followed. To cater with the invasion, a huge human spaceship fleet gets called and the player gets to lead the fleet. Unfortunately, due to the alien heavy fire, the fleet gets trapped on the other side of the gate. Your duty is to find ways and clues that will eventually lead you to the correct timeline against the aliens. You must also engage your fleet against the enemy and defeat the by the use of your best strategies, skills and abilities. Achron, with amazing story, great action and strategy based game-play and super fine visuals is a wonderful game to play and enjoy.