23 Games Like Homework Salesman

Homework Salesman is a Dungeon Crawling, Role-playing, Exploration, and Single-player Life Simulation developed and published by Star Cadets. The game introduces the perfect of mix of crafting, completing quests, and befriending the people elements. It takes place in the fantasy-themed world and the game takes its inspiration from the Atelier and the Rune Factory video game series. The story follows the protagonist named Reniat who returns to her homeland after several years away at boarding school to locate that the tow is nearly deserted. The mine that the town depended on for boosting its economy and the tourism has been invaded by monsters and there is no one who has bothered doing anything. As the adventurer, the player decides to find out what actually she can do about retrieving the peace to the town and making a name for herself in the land. During the gameplay, the player can explore the environment from an isometric viewpoint and his main objective is to interact with NPCs, gather resources, craft items and weaponry to battle monsters and take down them to make points which can be used to unlock further content.

1. Girls and Dungeons

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Girls and Dungeons is a 2D Role-playing, Dungeon Crawling, and Single-player Adventure video game created by Nebelsoft and published by Top Hat Studios, Inc. The game follows the story of the young mercenary, who is navigating the forgotten dungeon. During the journey, he encounters several characters and team up with…

4. Space Grunts

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Space Grunts is the mixture of Strategy, Turn-based, Role-playing and Rogue-like genres and brings a fabulous gameplay for those players, who love playing Rogue-like games with Sci-fi elements. The game features Pixel Graphics and supports Single-player mode developed and published by Orangepixel. It takes place in the procedurally generated dungeon…

5. Ending

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Ending is an Adventure, Turn-based, Puzzle and Single-player video game with Rogue-like elements developed and published by Aaron Steed for iOS platform. In the game, the player must use his wits to solve the multiple problems. There are a variety of levels, and each level has a unique problem to…

6. Hoplite

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Hoplite is a Role-playing, Turn-based Strategy and Rogue-like video game developed by Douglas Cowley for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. The game revolves around the tactical movement around the small maps and takes place in the procedurally generated world with a unique gaming experience. In the game, the…

8. 100 Rogues

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100 Rogues revolves around Adventure, Rogue-like, and Role-playing with emphasis on Dungeon Crawling gameplay developed and published by Fusion Reactions. The procedurally generated environment where the game setting takes place is full of treasures, more than sixty villains, and unknown creatures. It has different character classes, and the player needs…

15. Cardinal Quest

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Cardinal Quest is an Adventure, Role-playing, Dungeon Crawling, Fantasy and Rogue-like video game developed and published by Tametick for iOS and Android. It takes place in the procedurally generated dungeons and introduces three playable character classes such as thief, wizard, and fighter. You have to select your character to jump…

16. Heroes of Loot

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Heroes of Loot is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing video game with Rogue-like and loot elements developed and published by Orangepixel for multiple platforms. The game brings the action, twin-stick shooter and dungeon crawling gameplay, in which you find yourself in the middle of waves of zombies, skulls, cyclops, ghosts, and monsters.…

23. Magicmaker

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Magicmaker is the perfect mix of Action Role-playing, Adventure, and Dungeon Crawling elements developed and published by Tasty Stewdios LLC. The game revolves around crafting-focused platform video game where the player can act as the wizard. It uses the spellcrafting system that can make anything, and the player can shoot…

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