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27 Games Like Hollywood Tycoon

Hollywood Tycoon is an Action, Arcade, Time Management, and Single-player video game by Big Fish Games. The game offers a stunning gameplay, putting the player in the role of the protagonist, who must reconstruct his late uncle named Irving’s movie studio and then struggle to achieve Hollywood fame. In the game, the player can immersive himself behind the scenes as he attempt to create and manage his own Hollywood studio. The main objective is to create vital decisions on which story to purchase, which actors to opt, and how much money to invest in the hopes of creating a blockbuster. The game is designed to test the player strategy game skills as the player climb his career to the top. The player starts the game from ground up and must complete the objectives to become the best. Hollywood Tycoon includes prominent features such as Hire Mega Stars, Win Awards and Unlock Achievements, Become a Movie Mogul, and more. Check it out, and have fun.

1. Rock God Tycoon

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Rock God Tycoon is a Management, Music, and Single-player Simulation created by Sabastian Nigro and published by EmberWulf. The game takes the player at the helm of his own band and on the way to his own rock destiny. In the start, the player needs to select the character’s disciplines…

2. RollerCoaster Tycoon

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RollerCoaster Tycoon is a Wonderful Business, Construction and Management Simulation video game by Hasbro Interactive, MicroProse and InfoGrames. The game lets you be a manager of a beautiful Amusement Park and allows you to build amazing new attractions like Log Flumes, Carousels, Bumper Cars, haunted houses, Go Carts, Water Pools,…

5. My Fantastic Park

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My Fantastic Park is another great Business, Building and Management Simulation that allows you to build a beautiful theme parks and enjoy being a great manager. The game tasks you with building and decorating the park using all the wonderful items and upgrades. As different kinds of rides are a…

8. Megapolis

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Megapolis is a great City Building, Construction and Management Simulation. The game allows you to build whole new city from scratch, explore, collect and manage resources, build massive economies and enjoy being control of everything. Finance management is the key element in Megapolis that allows you to simply balance your…

16. Unholy Heights

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Unholy Heights is a wonderful Housing, Business and Management Simulator that lets you be The Devil. Your task is to convert your Tenement Building into a Housing facility for only monsters, Defend your building from all kinds of threats, accommodate different monsters into the rooms, charge them rents and make…

22. Coffee Tycoon

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Coffee Tycoon is a Time Management, Strategy, and Single-player Business Simulation developed by Jamopolis Interactive and published by Anarchy Enterprises. The game offers an opportunity to create a caffeine empire from scratch. It comes with exciting gameplay, in which you aim to become a rich man by establishing your empire…

23. Junkyard Tycoon: Car Business Simulation Game

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Junkyard Tycoon: Car Business Simulation Game is a Management and Single-player Business Simulation developed and published by Lana Cristina for Android. The game is designed for those players who love cars and automobiles. It offers a gameplay where you begin your Salvage yard, purchase scrap vehicles, detach their parts, and…

24. Big Biz Tycoon

Big Biz Tycoon is a Single-player Business Simulation developed by Animedia and published by Activision Value for Microsoft Windows. The game enables the player to try his luck in the business world. Like other business simulation games, the game intent is for the player to become a mogul of the…

25. Water Park Tycoon

Water Park Tycoon is a Strategy, Sandbox, and Single-player Business Simulation developed and published by Excalibur Publishing Limited for Microsoft Windows. The goal of the player is to establish a water park successfully to make money. There is a massive fenced-in space where the player can create the water of…

26. Casino Tycoon

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Casino Tycoon is a Single-player Business Simulation created by Cat Daddy Games and published by Davilex Games for PC. In the game, the player aspires from a small unknown to a business tycoon in this game. There are many characters available, including Marlon Brando from the popular title, The Godfather.…

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