High School Story


Games Like High School Story for PS3

#1 Catherine


Catherine is a Single and multiplayer Puzzle Platformer and Adventure video game by Atlus. The game features the character of the protagonist named as Vincent Brooks who begins to have distorted and strange dreams after his girlfriend Katherine talks to him about getting married. The story of the game takes another unusual turn when Vincent meets a girl named Catherine and an affair starts up between the two. After the Affair with Catherine, Vincent begins to have more distorted and strange dreams that totally turn his life upside down. In the main story mode of the game, Catherine offers Golden Playhouse mode that allows the player to spend the day with his friends and in the night time deal with Katherine and Catherine problem. Vincent spends most of his time in a bar named as Stray Sheep where he keeps in contact with both of the girls via Text Messages, talks to other bar customers, Drinks and plays mini games etc. Your task in the game is to control the character of Vincent and help him get out of the most complex and unusual situations and keep on enjoying the game. With a number of game endings, unique puzzle-platform and dating elements, addictive gameplay and a great story, Catherine is one amazing game to play and enjoy.


#2 Steins;Gate


Steins;Gate is an Adventure, Visual Novel, and Single-player video game developed and published by 5pb., Nitroplus. The game serves as the 2nd title in the series of Science Adventure game, following Chaos; Head. The plot revolves around a group of students as they find out and create technology that enables them to change the past. It brings non-linear gameplay and comes with a branch of scenarios with courses of the intersection. The game needs a little interaction from the player as most of the time of the gameplay spent on reading the dialogues, appearing on the playfield which represents either the thoughts of the protagonist or the dialogues between different characters. Like other Visual Novel video games, there are specific points where the player is given choices to affect the direction of the story or end of the game. During the gameplay, the player can interact with other players, make choices, and can engage himself/herself in non-linear gameplay. The player will discover multiple different endings, depending on the choices, the player made in-game. With the exciting story, superb graphics, and addictive gameplay, Steins;Gate is the best game to play and enjoy.