Haven and Hearth


Games Like Haven and Hearth for Linux

#1 Castle Story


Castle Story is an amazing voxel based sandbox and survival video game that takes you to an amazing strategically enhanced and quite adventurous game-play. Just like a lot of other sandbox games, Castle Story allows you to explore a massive 3D game world in which you can gather resources, destroy and build different structures etc. The main objective of the game is to build a massive impenetrable castle that will be your stronghold against the enemies lurking in the wilderness of the game world. You can also gather up characters like you and make strategies that will define the fate of everyone including yourself. The game also focuses on how you strategically defeat your enemies and save your people, your castle and your resources from looting. Your troops will scavenge for resources and upon their arrival you can build more cubed structures using that resources. The “Yellow” people in the game are the ones you should be worried about because if any “Yellow Dude” dies your life gets shorter, so build strong defenses to save them and your castle.


#2 Rising World


Rising World is a Voxel based Sandbox, Action-Adventure, Indie and RPG video game that takes you to an amazing world of procedurally generated and fully destructible environments. Co-op mode of the game allows you to play this cool game with your friends and have an amazingly addictive game-play experience. Your duty in the game is to explore, gather resources, craft basic tools to dig and store the resources fight off the enemies, survive and build massive cities or huge castles etc. You can get help from your friends and build the whole game world together if you want. With random game worlds, modifiable gaming environments, over 200 different materials to build, great environmental physics and so cool upgrades this game is quite fun to play and enjoy.