Harvest Moon


Games Like Harvest Moon for Xbox 360

#1 Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise


Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise is a 2008 Single and Multiplayer Life Simulation developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. It is the second game in the series of Viva Pinata and introduces a co-op mode, two new eras, and a new plot. In the game, the player can take on the role of the gardener whose farm is visited by cute piñata creatures. There are different creatures such as vultures, ladybugs, crabs, gorillas, and others. The ultimate task is to plant different seeds on an empty land, digs ponds within the boundaries of the garden. It has a set of levels and the player must complete each one at any cost to score the highest points. New sorts of creatures will visit the garden of the player when specific requirements are met. The game takes place in the fantasy world and lets the player navigate different scenes. With enhanced mechanics, addictive gameplay, and superb mechanics, Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.


#2 Viva Piñata


Viva Piñata is a wonderful Life-Simulation with a First Person perspective, developed by Rare Ltd. And Climax Group. This cool Simulation is all about building beautiful things like houses, schools, markets and turning a rough piece of land into a beautiful Garden. With an open world environment, no strict winning and losing bets, beautiful visuals, a lot of NPCs and an online community based game-play makes this game even better. As stated, your main task is to get into the world, explore and restore a totally neglected piece of land into a fully grown garden. To complete the game objectives such as building a garden, you can use a number of gardening tools such as Shovels, Water Cans, Plant Seeds etc. and you must plough the land as well as build water ponds, and design the garden as you like. Once your garden is completely grown up, it will attract the beautiful Pinata species and your tasks will be updated. Now after the Pinatas are the residents of your garden, you will have to provide them with food, homes and let them breed to grow their species. Viva Pinata also lets you customize the Pinatas and their homes by adding different items to their homes, and make them love their places. With a beautiful game setting, cool visual details and an addictive gameplay, Viva pinata is a fun simulation to enjoy. Do try it out if you haven’t yet and enjoy the ultimate fun.

#3 A World of Keflings


A World of Keflings is a great Building, Management and Life Simulation video game by NinjaBee. The game lets you select and customize a character for yourself and be a Giant in the world of keflings. Keflings are Gnomes and Elves like Minute people who are in dire need of your help to rebuild their kingdom. Your task is to harvest resources, construct different buildings, and send the Keflings on different jobs etc. A World of Keflings lets you explore multiple kefling kingdoms (Ice Kingdom, Desert Kingdom, Forest Kingdom etc.) gather up resources, construct buildings and complete the objectives of the game. With cool Visuals, an amazingly appealing game-play, lots of upgrades and other cool stuff, A World of Keflings is a magnificent game to play and enjoy.