Games Like HANDYMAN for Mac OS

#1 Dustforce


Dustforce is a Side-scroll, Platform, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Hitbox Team and published by Digerati Distribution. The game features four janitors and enables the player select one of them within the game and struggle to clean the world corrupted with filth and dust. During the gameplay, the player uses the acrobatic skills like double jumping, wall jumping, etc. to advances through more than fifty levels with the task to clean the areas covered by leaves. In the game, the player is attacked by filth-covered creatures and the player must take down them to score the points which he can use to proceed through the level. The performance of the player is ranked based on the completion and time, and the player can access to certain levels by completing the previous levels. The player explores the world from a side-scroll perspective and engage in the strange world where filth has invaded the creatures that live in the area. Dustforce has prominent features such as more than Seventy-five Levels, over 100 Community-made Levels, Online Leaderboards, and more. Check it out, and have fun.


#2 Cities Skylines: After Dark


Cities Skylines: After Dark is a 1st Downloadable Content Pack to the massively famous classic City Simulation Cities: Skylines. The DLC pack expands the features and customizations designed to increase the thrill as well as maintain the city building experience’s challenges. Now, the city changes during the hours of the day. Traffic becomes slower at night and some areas don’t work with efficiency. The DLC pack puts the player in control of maintaining and managing the various aspects of the night and day cycles. In DLC pack, commercial zones can specialize in leisure activities and especially active during the night. The game expanded the city services, in which the criminals will be taken to the cage from the police building, taxi services will assist the citizen and tourists traverse across the city. In the game, the player has an opportunity to build his dream city in his style, provide the citizens will all needed facilities, create buildings, amazing parks, offices, houses, and more. Cities Skylines: After Dark includes core features such as Bus Terminals, International Airports, Cargo Hubs, Taxi Services, and more. Check it out, and have fun.


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