10 Games Like GrimGrimoire

GrimGrimoire is a Single-player and Real-time Strategy (RTS) video game developed by Vanilaware and published by Nippon Ichi. Taking place in the Tower of Silver Star (a magical school), the game lets the player to control the protagonist named Lillet Blan, who is repeatedly experiences the five days of her tenure and uncovers the power behind the journey. While playing the game, the player can command stemming from four different disciplines, accomplishing bonus and story missions by fulfilling the requirements of the tasks within each level. The protagonist appears on-screen as a cursor which the player uses to command troops across the field. He can move across the world from a side-scroll perspective using the point-and-click interface. Several levels are available and the player needs to complete each one by finishing the missions to become the master. In the game, units known as familiars who are established by placing circles called runes on available maps. GrimGrimoire includes core features such as Side-scroll Adventure, Side-scroll Perspective, Point-and-Click Interface, and more.

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1. Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon

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Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon is an Indie, Real-time Strategy, Side-scroll Perspective, 2D Single-player and Online Multiplayer video game developed and published by Ronimo for Multiple Platforms. The game offers Action-packed gameplay with RTS elements and puts the player to battle against enemies across the map and push them back…

2. Make Your Kingdom

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Make Your Kingdom is a Base Building, Real-time Strategy, Single-player and Multiplayer video game takes place in the procedurally generated environment by Yo-Serjio. The game provides players with addictive gameplay by mixing several genres such as City-Building, Sandbox, Resource Management, and Survival. In the game, the player is capable of…

3. Zero-K

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Zero-K is a Real-time Strategy, Single-player and Multiplayer Simulation developed and published by Zero-K Team for Microsoft Windows. The game takes place in the 3D world and offers the similar gameplay to Total Annihilation and its successor, Supreme Commander. In the game, the player starts the game with a mech…

4. Swarm Queen

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Swarm Queen offers an Action, Single-player, and Strategic Gameplay by Helmi Bastami. The game takes place in the 2D world where it lets the player spawn an army of creepy-crawlies and then watch them tear the foe to shred, covering the land in green blood. While playing the game, the…

5. Driftland: The Magic Revival

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Driftland: The Magic Revival is a fantastic, Real-time Strategy, 4X, and Single-player video game with an emphasis on City Building and Resource Management elements developed by Star Drifters. The game offers a stunning 3D world where the player can move freely using the mouse-driven control. It brings a superb storyline,…

6. Circle Empires

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Circle Empires is a Real-time Strategy, Indie, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Luminous and published by Iceberg Interactive for Multiple Platforms. The game takes place in the beautiful universe which is made up of interconnected circles, and each circle comprises loot to plunder and enemies to defeat. In…

8. Northgard

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Northgard is a City-building, Real-time Strategy, Resource Management, and Strategy video game developed and published by Shiro Games for multiple platforms. The game takes place in the stunning environment, and it supports both Single-player and Online Multiplayer modes. According to the plot, after several years of tireless navigations, brave Vikings…

9. Rise to Ruins

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Rise to Ruins published by SixtyGig Games and developed by Raymond Doerr. The game supports Single-player mode and offers an exciting gameplay with Strategy, Survival, Rough-like, City-building and Tower-defense elements. It focuses on 90s era RTS (Real Time Strategy) games like Warcraft and puts you in the role of the…

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