23 Games Like Glory of Generals

Glory of Generals is a Grand Strategy and Single-player video game developed by EasyTech for Mobile Devices and Microsoft Windows. The game lets you experience over sixty challenging campaigns in four different battlefields of WWII and features more than 120 world famous generals to participate in the destructive war with you. Over three-hundred rich terrains will here to test your strategic skills. In the start, you must create adequate use of terrains and defense facilities. The strategy is the key to success in the game, and you have an opportunity to polish your skills and dominate the world. The game is played from a top-down perspective, and you must select your terrain at the start to jump into the fight against rival forces in the WWII era. You as the general can command your forces, units, and vehicles in battlefield and issue orders to attack opponents and conquer their land. The game has three modes such as Campaign mode, North Africa Battlefield, and Eastern Front Battlefield. Glory of Generals offers core features, strategic gameplay, and good graphics. Check it out, if you want to become a general.

1. World Conqueror 2

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World Conqueror 2 is a Grand Strategy and Single-player video game developed by EasyTech for Android. In the game, the player assumes the role of the general with an objective to complete a lots of essential campaigns during the events of World War II and Cold War. The player can…

6. Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm

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Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm is an impressive, Tactical, Strategy, War, Single and Multiplayer Simulation created by On Target Simulations. The game combines the elements of Real-time Tactics, and Turn-based. It takes place in the fictional world of Europe. The plot revolves around between two forces such as NATO and Soviet.…

11. Ultimate General: Gettysburg

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Ultimate General: Gettysburg combines the elements of Strategy, Military and War developed and published by Game-Labs. The game takes place in the fictional world and includes various nations to play and enjoy. It focuses on the tactical battle and lets the player select his nation and start to fight against…

21. Galcon 2

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Galcon 2 is a mix of Action and Strategy gameplay elements developed by Phil Hassey and published by The game presents the superb gameplay revolves around Multiplayer RTS aspects, taking place in the massive space environment and involve maneuvering fleets of ships to take down enemy planets. The game…

23. The Corporate Machine

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The Corporate Machine is a Single-player and Multiplayer Strategy video game developed by Stardock and published by Take-Two Interactive. The main objective is to establish a corporation in one of four different industries such as soft drinks, computers, aircraft, and automobiles. To win the game the player has to take…

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