Games Like Ghosthunter for Linux

#1 Kentucky Route Zero


Kentucky Route Zero is an Episodic Point-and-Click Action-Adventure video game developed and published by Cardboard Computer. This indie game is available to play on PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac OS and Linux. The narrative of the game whirls around the life of a truck driver and his dog. The driver along with his dog, accepts to travel to Kentucky to deliver the antique goods and on his way to Kentucky he slips off the road and gets lost. He interacts with strangers and with so many different things to find his way back to Kentucky and reaches to Equus Oils a pitch black gas station. At Equus Oils the real adventure of his life begins. Game features astonishingly amazing game-play, superb graphics and environment. One thing that is quite different about this game is the absence of verbal dialogue. Instead of a verbal dialogue the game uses text-based dialogue to interact with people and things. This epic game is worth trying. Do give it a go and enjoy all the fun.


#2 Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey


Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey is an episodic Puzzle Point and Click and Adventure video game. This 3D game surrounds the interacting characters, game world exploration and a lot of puzzles to solve. Developed and published by Red Thread Games, this is the most favorite and highest ranking game in the whole series. The futuristic story of the game is set in 2220 and represents two parallel universes named Stark and Arcedia. The protagonist of the game Zoe Castillo breaks the news that the Dreams of the residents of both universes are being stolen by the conspirators and she sets out to ruin their intentions. Betrayed badly and left for dead previously in Dreamfall, Zoe thinks this is the chance to find the purpose of her life. The game features a non-open world environment but several freely roaming levels like Europolis and Marcuria and repays the players with power-ups on collecting every secret and clearing the level. Graphically rich gaming environment and game-play with a third person perspective enhances the charm of playing this awesomely amazing and addicting game to play.


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