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36 Games Like Gates of Zendocon

Gates of Zendocon is an Arcade, Shoot ‘em up, and Single-player video game takes place in the brilliant environment invaded by enemies. The game lets the player pilot a spaceship from a vertical-scroll across fifty-one challenging levels. According to the storyline, the world is threatened by alien species, who are planning to take over and destroy the world for its resources. The player is the last hope of the world who can save it from being destroyed. So, the player needs to set out himself on an epic journey to save the world as a hero. During the gameplay, the player will face the number of alien allies that assist the player in defending his ship. In the game, if the player receives hit by an enemy, the spaceship spirit will reflect the damage. The player will encounter a bonus level hidden inside the game where the player has an opportunity to earn more points by smashing the faces of the creators of the game. The environment can be explored from horizontally, where the background moves from up to down. With addictive gameplay, superb mechanics, and good graphics, Gates of Zendocon is the best game to play.

1. Retro Shooting 2018

Android iOS Amazon
Retro Shooting 2018 is an Arcade, Vertical Scroll, and Single-player video game played from a top-down perspective developed and published by Shmup Holic for Android. The game contains several fighter ships with unique abilities, and the player chooses one of them to set out on an epic adventure to save…

14. Gradius

Wii U Amazon
Gradius is an Arcade, Shoot ‘em up, Side-Scroll, and Single-player video game series developed and published by Konami. In this series, you can control a spaceship called the Vic Viber and traverse through different levels to defeat enemies and score points. Horizontal scrolling shooter inspires the game. It takes place…

15. Chicken Invaders

Win Amazon
Chicken Invaders is an Arcade, Shoot ’em up and Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by InterAction Studio. It is the first game in the fabulous and long-running series of Chicken Invaders. The series contain five main entries and focuses on the battle between space-faring chickens and a…

27. Us vs. Them

Win Amazon
Us vs. Them is an Action, Shooter and Single-player video game available to play on Windows. The game allows you control an aircraft and attempts to save the world from different threats. It takes place in the beautiful world and revolves around an exciting story, in which the enemies are…

28. Fairy Wars

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Fairy Wars is an Action, Shoot ‘em up and Single-player video game developed by Team Shanghai Alice for Microsoft Windows platform only. It offers the similar gameplay to Galaga and takes place in the stunning world filled with enemies and a variety of challenging missions. There are several characters available…

29. Scramble

Win Amazon
Scramble is a Shoot ‘em up, Side-scrolling, Arcade and Single-player video game released in 1981 by Konami. The game puts the player in the charge of an aircraft and allows him to explore a variety of levels to battle against enemies and their bosses. The aircraft equips with weapons that…

32. Rear Guard

Mac Amazon
Rear Guard is a 1982 Arcade, Side-scroll and Single-player Shooter video game developed Neil Larimer and published by Adventure International. The game offers simple graphics, and puts you in the charge of an aircraft on a variety of levels. You must pilot the aircraft, explore the environment from side-scroll and…

34. Retro Game Challenge

DS Amazon
Retro Game Challenge is a Mini-Game and Single-player video game developed by Indieszero and published by Namco Bandai Games for Nintendo DS. The game is based on the TV series GameCenter CX and Shinya Arino. In the game, the player starts by choosing the character from a boy and a…

35. Steredenn: Binary Stars

Steam Win Mac Amazon
Steredenn: Binary Stars is a Rogue-like, Action, Shoot ‘em up, Single-player and Multiplayer video game created and published by Pixelnest Studio for Multiple Platforms. The game is the Downloadable Content Pack for Steredenn video game comes with new content, levels, and features. The DLC pack enables the player to experience…

36. Retro Shooting: Arcade Shooter

Android iOS Amazon
Retro Shooting: Arcade Shooter is an Arcade, Shoot ‘em up, and Single-player video game played from a vertical-scroll developed by Shmup Holic. The game offers the perfect 3D retro design and introduces several fighter ships with unique abilities, powerful lasers, and hard levels containing a massive variety of menacing aliens.…

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