Garry’s Mod


Games Like Garry’s Mod

#1 Kerbal Space Program


Kerbal Space Program or also known as KSP is a Single-player Space Flight, Building and Construction and Simulation video game by Squad. The game is built using the updated Unity Engine and offers playability on Multiple Platforms including Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Wii. The game allows the players to control a whole Space Mission Program named as Kerbal Space Program, Have a Crew of Humanoid Aliens known as Kerbals and enjoy Exploring the Space. Game’s Complex and realistic Orbital Physics helps players learn about the Hohmann Transfer Orbits (Start from a Lower Orbit and end up in a Higher Orbit) maneuvers and enjoy piloting the ship. According to the gameplay and game story, the game tasks the players to head a Nascent Space Program, Control the Kerbals (Intelligent Humanoid Aliens from an Earth-like planet Kerbin) and enjoy learning to maneuver into Space. Kerbal Space Program gameplay is divided into two main parts such as Construction and Flight, and it allows the players to construct various types of Rockets, Aircraft, Rovers, etc. Once the ships are created, the players can simply launch them into Space from in-game launch Pad, explore the Space and complete various objectives of the game. The game offers various types of mission such as Reaching to a Certain Height, Escape the Atmosphere, Reach Stable Orbit, Capture Asteroids, Create Space Stations, Visit different Planets and collect information about them, etc. With all the Space Exploration fun, Unique game Physics and mechanics, and interesting gameplay, Kerbal Space Program is a fun Space Simulation to enjoy.


#2 Minecraft


Minecraft, developed by Mojang and 4J Studios and published by Mojang, Microsoft Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment is an indie, Sandbox building and FPS (First Person Shooter) video game. This game is available to play on multiple platforms like PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game allows the player to construct buildings out of textured cubes in a 3D generated open world. Player can craft different objects, explore the world, gather resources and engage in combats with enemies. Minecraft also features Survival, Creative and Adventure gaming modes. According to the storyline, player roams in an open world with no specific goals to accomplish breaking and making different kinds of structures with the help of blocks. Walking through deserts, snowfields and jungles, the player switches from first person perspective to third person perspective upon his will and engages in gunfights with the enemy. Minecraft is a great Sandbox, Building, Crafting and Shooting video game to play and enjoy. You must try it out.

#3 Ensemble Online


Ensemble Online is a fantastic addition to the always expanding MMORPG genre. The game offers beautiful Sandbox style visuals and offers the best ever combination of Fantasy and Browser-based MMORPG elements. Set in an open world, Ensemble Online lets you fight against the enemies, claim your own part of the land and collect resources to maintain it and to defend it against other players like yourself. With a number of cool character selection and customization options, crafting abilities, special skills and abilities etc. Ensemble Online lets you move freely in an open world, collect resources, craft items with different materials and survive in a totally unforgiving environment. With every quest completion and enmy defeat, Ensemble Online awards you with experience points that you can use to buy upgrades and ladder up to the top leader boards. With a Minecraft inspired visuals and mechanics, amazingly engaging game-play and enhanced mechanics, Ensemble Online is a fun game to play.


#4 Yohjo Simulator


Yohjo Simulator is an Anime, Action-Adventure, and Single-player video game featuring female protagonist developed by DeadFactory and published by Sekai Project. The game takes place from a third-person perspective in the 3D environment, and the story follows the little girl named Yagi, a 3rd-grade elementary school girl. The player does not need to complete any specific goal to advance through the game. In the game, the player can decide the goal for himself/herself and can explore the realistic environment. The player has to greet dangerous strangers with a bow and use wall kicks to reach specific areas. The player moves around the world from a third-person perspective, fight strangers to defeat and jump higher to overcome obstacles. Yohjo Simulator includes prominent features such as Third-person Perspective, Action Gameplay, Anime Character, and more. Check it out, and have fun.

#5 Rust


Rust is a Multiplayer Action-Adventure and Horror-Survival video game by Facepunch Studios. Currently, in the Alpha phase, Rust offers early access to the game on Steam. Set in a massive Open World, Rust allows you to survive in an unfriendly environment by simply crafting different items, exploration and by finding the supplies such as Food, Water, Shelter, loot, Weapons and medical Supplies, etc. It spawns you right in the middle of other online players and lets you use your wit to find ways in which you can survive. You must stay well fed to avoid starvation and drink plenty of water in order to eliminate the threat of being dehydrated. Encounters with the creatures will definitely result in your demise of win so you decide what to do. All the deadly creatures, harsh weather conditions, and all the obstacles must not defeat you if you want to survive. Rust with all the wonderful mechanics, visuals and immersive game-play is a fantastic game to play and enjoy.

#6 Whiplash: Crash Valley


Whiplash: Crash Valley is an Adventure, Physics, and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Diagrammet AB. The game puts the player in the role of a crash test dummy and provides him a chance step into the city of Crash Valley where the player can test his limits. During the gameplay, the player needs to crash into buildings, citizens and dark boards, and among other things. Like a crash test dummy, the player is endured years of pain and also torture in the crash test dummy lab. Now, it’s time to revenge. The player must kick people in the face and then bring massive destruction upon Crash Valley and its people. It completely depends on the player to bring the glory back to his and his kind of an orange-colored piece of art. The game introduces the interactive ragdoll simulation system, allowing the character to act as a dummy. There are different vehicles, and the player can drive one of them to advance through the game.

#7 Blockland


Blockland is an MMO, voxel-based sandbox video game set in a world made of Lego building blocks. Blockland is an open world game with no such goals and allows you to roam freely in the game world, gather resources, build structures as you like them to be and fight off your enemies. You can interact with other online players and build structures together or you can also destroy anybody’s buildings, but that will start a combat and you can either run from there or you can fight and kill your enemy. You can always create an army of NPCs (Non Player Characters) and control them, make different vehicles etc. to ride on and travel to any place you like in the game world. As the game has no objectives, you can sit all day doing nothing or you can get up and make the game-play engaging and thrillingly amazing with all the action-packed things the game offers. Blockland is one of the best alternatives to “Minecraft” and will definitely entertain you enough.

#8 Terraria


Terraria is an open world Action-Adventure, Survival RPG and Voxel-based Sandbox video game set in a 2D game world. The game lets you be part of the game world with three basic tools, a pickaxe, a sword and a wood cutting axe and allows you to explore, gather resources and fight off your enemies. The game world is filled with things that would like to slay you so you need to be a bit more careful while exploring. As the game mainly focuses on night time game-play, the enemies attack at night, so you must be a bit more attentive to the details and your surroundings. Combats are normally melee type so you will have a better chance of earning the XP points that will help you buy some upgrades. Because of being a 2D game, Terraria seems a bit different than other sandbox games, but it isn’t actually. You’ll experience almost the same game-play and a lot of other exciting things. Terraria is available to play on multiple platforms.

#9 Team Fortress 2


Team Fortress 2 is a wonderfully engaging Single and Multiplayer FPS video game by Valve Corporation that allows you to join one of the two mercenary teams, select your character from 9 main classes (Scouts, Soldiers, Pyro, Demomen, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper and Spy) and battle against the enemies by using state of the art weaponry and tactics. The objective of the game is to protect the company assets owned by two brothers who are in conflict with one another and they have hired a number of mercenaries to eliminate the other side and to seize control of the company. You can select any side and act accordingly in order to eliminate your enemies and win the epic combats. Team Fortress 2 offers wonderfully engaging game modes such as Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Deathmatch, team Deathmatch etc. and allows you to use different weapons and tactics to kill the enemies. With a great deal of DLC, upgrades, loads of amazing Perks, great visual details and a thrilling game-play, Team Fortress 2 offers a wonderful FPS gaming experience.

#10 Ace of Spades


Ace of Spades is a freemium MMO Sandbox FPS video game that takes you to an amazing combination of shooting, building, crafting and exploring wonder. The game mostly resembles Minecraft, Team Forest and Brick Force and derives a lot of characteristics from them. You can be part of an open world, build different structures with the help of blocks, craft tools and weapons for yourself and explore to gather resources. Ace of Spades allows you to engage yourself in different challenging game modes to show off your creative, development and combat skills. With the help of tools you can dig to create trenches or you want to erect defensive buildings. Ace of Spades mostly focuses on shooting elements, so it provides with different engaging game modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Zombie Survival, Diamond Mine, Territory Control etc. You can put your defense, strategic and building skills on best show to achieve the game objectives and rewards. Ace of Spades is a great game to play and enjoy. Do try it out if you want to experience an amazing game-play.

#11 Dwarf Fortress


Dwarf Fortress is an Open Ended RTS, Roguelike, Construction, management and City-Building video game. The game is set up in a procedurally generated game world in which you control two different groups of dwarfs. Your objective is to make the two dwarf groups work and build an underground fortress and all the buildings required. The open world is full of continents, oceans, and beastly civilizations and allows you to gather up resources by fighting and defeating your enemies. Text based game interface, Turn-Based Strategy and Roguelike game elements make this game a bit different than others but quite addictive and engaging. Dwarf Fortress features dwarfs with different mood swings and skills, for example, you can make a dwarf craft super beautiful and legendary artifacts or you can just task them to go search for resources etc. Dwarf Fortress features best 3D graphics, a lot of exciting objectives to complete, a huge amount of objects/resources to collect and much more. Do try it out.

#12 Second Life


Second Life by Linden Research, Inc is an online virtual world MMO RPG Simulation for all the amazing people around the globe. The game allows you to live a second life that actually is an alternate life for you in which you can be a Vampire, Animal, Robot, Human or a Vehicle. You get into the virtual game world by creating your 3D avatar by select the suitable face and body type, outfit and gadgets according to your appearance. Once inside the game world, you get a free hand to roam in a huge game world, interact with other online players from around the world, chat, perform different activities and complete different tasks or quests and get some in-game currency as the reward. Just like other online community and MMO RPG video games you also get to build your own places to live and you can decorate it as you like. Second Life provides with its own economic system with the currency named as Linden Dollars and the players can use them to buy and sell different items, rent or trade their lands or living places and provide their services or pay for the services, etc. Second Life is the best online Virtual World Simulation and it will surely provide you with and amazing Online MMO and RPG experience as well. Do try it out if you haven’t yet.

#13 Trove


Trove is a Sandbox MMORPG video game developed by Trion Worlds. With a Minecraft and Cube World inspired game-play and visuals, Trove is one of the best game of this specific genre. The game lets you select player character from a number of classes, select skills and go to the Arena called Hub to access the Portals and reach to other worlds to fight against the opponents, go to amazing quests, interact with NPCs and other online players, defeat the bosses and enjoy being part of a wonderful world. Trove allows you to select any character from any available character classes, use their special abilities to explore the world, to craft buildings, weapons and loads of other cool items and go against a number of different types of enemies to enjoy the game. Trove lets you explore a massive game world, filed with all kinds of wonders, different types of enemies etc. and it lets you have some of the most coolest Power Ups and upgrades to enhance your abilities and keep on playing the game until you get tired. Trove offers a brilliant Sandbox gameplay similar to the biggest names of the genre such as Minecraft, Cube World and others and offers a truly amazing MMORPG experience ever. Do give it a try, you’ll definitely love this game.

#14 Cubic Castles


Cubic castle is a freemium MMO and Sandbox video game that lets you build your own realm in a 3D game world with the help of cubes. You can be part of the game world by selecting and customizing your online avatar and once you are inside the game world, you can interact with other online players or visit their realms collect resources or help them build whatever they are building. In your own realm, you can create different buildings and mines to produce more resources and spend them to develop you defenses, barracks, train troops etc. Just like “Roblox”, Cubic Castles allows you to explore a massive open world and manipulate the cubes to create and develop whatever you want. Cubic Castles is one of the best alternatives to “Roblox” and will definitely entertain you enough.

#15 SmallWorlds


SmallWorlds is a great Browser-based Social Networking MMORPG and virtual World for all the amazing people around the world. With over 20 Million users and a huge community, SmallWorlds allows you to explore the world from a whole new perspective. It actually offers you ultimate freedom to do whatever you want to do like go hang out with like-minded people, interact socially, make new friends, build and craft thing you like, party with friends and trade for the items and enjoy your life in a virtual world full of colors and opportunities. SmallWorlds also offers a unique functionality that allows you to enjoy other integrated sites as well. For example if you want to watch videos, you just need to go to and enjoy watching your favorite videos through the in game TV module or you can go to Flicker to edit some pictures etc. SmallWorlds offers Gold and Silver membership for paying and Free players respectively and allows you to enjoy just the way you like. With an amazing environment, safe chat and parental controls, a number of skill to develop and level yourself up, loads of free content and all the wonderful things, SmallWorlds offers brilliant visuals, amazingly addictive game-play and a lot of other great things.

#16 Kogama


Kogama is a fermium MMO and sandbox building video game that is probably the closest one to “Roblox” on our list of alternatives. You can play this game online in your web browser and design your own game levels or you can just randomly pick up other online user created levels and start playing. Kogama provides with a huge open world in which you get a chance to show off your best creative and development skills by building different block structures and create puzzles to be solved by other online players. You can also create totally different type of game levels like you can create FPS, Puzzle or fighting game levels and gather up a massive number of online players in your game-world. You can also craft different building tools and create buildings with blocks or you can simply destroy a structure to enjoy. Kogama easily runs on systems with low specs so it is a low bandwidth consuming game on the web. Do try it out, you’ll never forget the amazing sandbox gaming experience this game provides.

#17 BlocksWorld


Sandbox gaming on almost every platform captures your attention as in terms of being so attractive and appealing. BlocksWorld is one super engaging game that reaches to your hands via your iOS devices and provides with beautiful graphics, an engaging and quite addicting game-play and lots of Blocks to build and enjoy. This virtual toy box allows you to use different tools that surely will brighten up your abilities of building and creativity. The basic purpose of the game is to build something so you can pick up the tools and start building whatever you want because the supply of blocks is unlimited. You can use your best skills of building and learn as well in the process. You can manipulate the appearance of blocks by programming new functions and create cars, jets, robots etc. and use them in your project as you see fit. You can challenge yourself by the most sophisticated puzzles and a lot of other exciting things. “BlocksWorld” is one of the best alternatives to “Roblox”. Do give it a try to add some more fun to your life.

#18 Brick Force


Brick-Force is an indie, Sandbox Buiding and FPS (First person Shooter) game developed by Exe Games in collaboration with Infernum. This Unity Engine based game lets the players create maps and worlds brick by brick and share the data with other online game players around the world. The game features 3D graphics, open world gaming environment, single and multiplayer gaming modes and a fast paced action game-play. Player can choose from any one of the four gaming modes (Team Mode, Survival Mode, Blast Mode and CTF Mode), different player characters and a lot of weapons to play. During the gun battles with enemies, player can build covers to save himself from the bullets by placing the bricks in front of him in the form of bunkers or walls. With a lot of power-ups and many trivial facts, this game is fun to play. Brick-Force is available on Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows platforms.

#19 Roblox


Roblox, developed and published by Roblox Corporation is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer online) and a Sandbox video game available to play on PC, Mac OS X, iOS and Android platforms. The game lets you be part of a virtual world by selecting and customizing an online avatar for yourself, explore an open world, interact with a lot of online players, play games together, make friends online and focuses on your creative and building abilities by manipulating the blocks and create whatever you want. You can talk over the mic or chat with your friends via an online text based platform. Everything you see in the game is basically situated inside the differently stylized, sized and colored bricks and blocks, and offers you a unique experience of Voxel based sandbox gaming. You get to visit different places, some provided by the game itself and some user created (Maps created by Lua 5.1 Programming Language), you can walk, run, jump, ride on skateboards, bikes, cars etc. and buy houses to live in. Roblox allows you to buy a structure and decorate it according to your likes and dislikes. If you don’t like a building or you want to destroy something you can totally bring it down and rebuild just according to your style and demands. The game provides you with best 3D graphics, two types of virtual currency (Tickets and Robux) to buy things, a lot of upgrades that you can buy with Tickets or Robux and a lot of other exciting things to do and enjoy.

#20 Algodoo


Algodoo is another best alternative to “Roblox” and presents with a Physics based 2D simulation environment. It allows you to create and develop different kinds of structures and things with the help of different physical objects. Algodoo is basically marketed as an educational tool because it provides with an amazing learning environment and encourages you to experiment and challenge yourself with super brainy puzzles and stuff. Algodoo inherits most of the characteristics from another popular sandbox masterpiece “Phun” and takes it to a new level of improved graphics, objectives and sandbox gaming experience. Do try it out if you are in search of some good replacements to “Roblox”.