Fract OSC


Games Like Fract OSC for PS Vita

#1 Proteus


Proteus is a great Action-Adventure, Puzzle Platform and Exploration-based video game by Twisted Tree. The game takes you to an amazing dream-like world and leaves you on an island where you as the player will have to interact with objects, explore and solve some challenging puzzles in order to complete the game objectives. Proteus offers a procedurally generated game map and lets you experience traveling through the superbly designed valleys, ruins and a lot of other amazing wonders. With super fine graphics, amazing story and an immersive and engaging game-play, Proteus is one of the best Action-Adventure and Puzzle-Platform video games.


#2 Semispheres


Semispheres is a Single-player, Puzzle and Strategy video game developed and published by Vivid Helix for multiple platforms. The game focuses on meditative parallel puzzle gameplay and places dual realities to bring a unique single-player and split-screen mechanic. There are various levels, and each level offers a mind-bending puzzle to solve. To complete each level, you must work on both sides together to unearth the mystery by accomplishing puzzles in the entrancing ambience. During the gameplay, you can use portals and special abilities to avoid or overcome sentries and can execute your plan, uniting the parallel worlds and more. It has over fifty levels and each offering stealth-inspired gameplay, including unique abilities like portals, noise-maker, side-swapping, and more. The game features ambient soundtracks by The Stanley Parable and Out There. Semispheres includes core features such as 50 Levels, Stealth-inspired Gameplay, Smooth Controls, and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.


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