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8 Games Like Formata

Formata is an Action, Real-time Strategy, War, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Nezon Production for Microsoft Windows. The game typically deals with three elements such as Lead, Fight, and Win. It starts with the player commanding his troops in order to gain resources, create his own powerful army to lead it into the battlefield against enemies. To conquer the battle, the player has to build his strategy, struggle to survive in harsh conditions and then break through close formation of enemy to ruin their bases and attempt to reach the sole leadership on the massive map where the game is set. The premise of the game is tactics elements and the right formation and good location will bring the player an important victory. The player must struggles to catch enemies silently, until they take a position to build a shield wall, provoke them to destroy the tanks, cover them to conquer completely. The game is played from a third-person view and the ultimate task of the player to destroy opposing forces before they destroy him to end the game. Formata includes core features such as Detailed Environment, Ranged Weapons, RTS Gameplay, and more. Try it out, and it’ll entertain the player.

2. Tom Clancy’s EndWar

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Tom Clancy’s EndWar mixes the elements of Real-time Tactics, Turn-based, and War. It supports both Single and Multiplayer modes. It offers an immersive gameplay, in which the massive nuclear terrorist attack happens in Saudi Arabia, slaughtering almost six million people and take control the oil resources and puts the world…

8. State of War: Warmonger

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State of War: Warmonger is an Action, Strategy, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Cypron and published by Cypronia for Microsoft Windows. The game enables the player to experience the immense action, unlivable destructive world where massive explosions happen, in a game that redefined a genre. It welcomes the…

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