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9 Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics for Mac OS

Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the best inclusions to the series. With superb Tactical RPG (Role Playing Game) elements, it offers an amazingly addictive and quite fascinating game-play packed up with the best combination of thematic essentials and a unique Combat system. Set in the Fictitious medieval era kingdom “Ivalice”, the story revolves around a high born cadet named as Ramaza Beoulve who gets trapped into the most brutal conflict of the time The Lion War between two high class Nobel factions. The war intensifies as the lust for the throne clouds the judgment of the faction heads and a cruel era of blood and gore starts up. The protagonist gets destined to find out the causes of the war and in pursuit of completing the objectives, he becomes a crucial part of the War itself. With an amazing Plot and Story, great action oriented game-play and an amazing Medieval Era setting Final Fantasy Tactics takes you to a totally different side of this specific genre. Final Fantasy Tactics is a wonderful game and most of you will be familiar with this title, but what about all those similar games that are packed with almost Final Fantasy Tactics like elements, game-plays and stuff. Have you tried one? Well if not, you can go with anyone of the following similar games and enjoy a great Tactics based RPG game-play like Final Fantasy Tactics. Let’s take a look at some of the best games like Final Fantasy Tactics.

5. Hard West

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Hard West is a Turn-based Tactics and Single-player video game developed by CreativeForge Games and published by Gamebitioius Digital Entertainment. The game comes with strategic gameplay, and it takes place in the fictional world of the American Old West environment, following the Western genre but offers supernatural elements. It offers…

8. SpyParty

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SpyParty is a Multiplayer Strategy video game developed by Chris Hecker and published by Independent. The game offers the asymmetric espionage elements and deals with the subtlety of human behaviour, personalities, socials, and character, etc. instead of the spy games car chases and explosions. It is played between two players…

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