Games Like Fate/EXTELLA LINK for Xbox 360

#1 Skulls of the Shogun


Skulls of the Shogun by Microsoft Studios is an amazing Turn-based Strategy and Tactics video game that lets you set up yourself into the character of General Akamoto who gets stabbed to death on the day of becoming a Shogun. In the land of Dead he realizes that he’ll have to wait for centuries in order to go to the afterlife and becomes frustrated. He battles his way to the afterlife only to find out that his killer Lieutenant Karakawa has stolen his identity and is living in the afterlife as General Akamoto. Karakowa teams up with the protectors and a whole new series of battles starts up between the two sides. Your task is to defeat all the demonic forces, reach to the Karakowa and kill him in order to get back your identity and to enter in the afterlife. Skulls of the Shogun provides with a different touch but same mechanics and game-play as all the other games of the similar type and it’ll definitely make you enjoy and entertain yourself to the limits.