Exiled Kingdoms RPG Alternatives for Mac OS


Exiled Kingdoms RPG

Exiled Kingdoms RPG is an Adventure, Role-playing, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by 4 Dimensions Games for multiple platforms. During the gameplay, the player takes on the role of an adventurer whose mission is to roam freely through a unique world full of surprises… read more

6 Games Like Exiled Kingdoms RPG for Mac OS


1. Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 is Tactical Action, RPG and Post-Apocalyptic video game set in an alternate history. Wasteland 2 is the first ever Sequel to the 1988’s popular Wasteland video game and it offers more enhanced game mechanics, graphics and core gameplay etc. The game is based on a Nuclear War that started when a cluster of Meteors hit various Nuclear sites. A huge Nuclear war started out that almost totally devastated the world. The day when all this happened, some of the U.S. Army Engineers were working in a desolate Desert deep into the Southwestern region, minutes after the Cataclysmic event they went into hiding in the prison they were setting up for the Death Row prisoners. The Soldiers sought shelter in the prison and when the time was right, they got back up to the surface and started searching for the Survivors, who ever was found, teamed up with them and all of the survivors formed the Desert Rangers, years after the Nuclear Holocaust. Wasteland 2 starts off 15 years after the events of Wasteland and connects the story to its predecessor in a way that it literally feels like the same. Wasteland 2 is a kind of strategic game that allows you to play as anyone of the available characters, Control a total number of seven characters (Three main and 4 NPCs), Explore the game world, face some of the worst ever mutants and nightmarish creatures, fight them off with all the available weapons such as guns, melee weapons and stuff, earn experience points, develop new skills, get health updates, and complete a number of quests, etc. With all the amazingly bashing Combats, hardcore Action and Thrill, Wasteland 2 offers a fantastic Story-driven gameplay, unique characters and fabulous visuals to enjoy. If you haven’t yet played this game, try it out and enjoy all the Post-Apocalyptic fun.


2. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a Military Themed Tactical and Turn-Based RTS (Real Time Strategy) and MMO, Role Playing video game set in an era of Global Alien Invasion. The game is developed by Firaxis Games and allows you to control a technically advanced organization named as XCOM and defend the Earth. You are tasked to lead your troops in the field, fight off and capture the aliens, Build research labs, develop new technologies using alien technology, expand your Organization’s operations, manage XCOM’s assets, monitor alien activities and respond to wherever your assistance is required. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an outstanding strategy video game with a lot of campaigns, action packed game-play, sleek and state of the art Graphics, great cinematic animations, a lot of fun filled mini games etc. XCOM: Enemy Unknown offers an amazing standalone expansion named XCOM: Enemy Within that adds tons of new stuff (Weapons, new missions, more upgrade options etc.) to the main game. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a great MMO and Strategy video game to play and enjoy. Do try it out.


3. Xenonauts

Xenonauts is a Sci-Fi Turn-based Tactical-RPG and Strategy video game that offers a brilliant gameplay with similarities to XCOM series games. The game draws heavy inspiration from the Original X-Com and is set in Alternate timeline of Earth where you take on the role of the Commander of Xenonauts, an organization leading the resistance against the invasion. Your main task is to reorganize your army units, collect the funding for various projects, launch numerous missions to intercept enemy UFos and complete the game objectives by defeating the enemies and capturing all of their ships plus their base. Xenonauts offers similar mechanics to its predecessor and the original game of the series X-Com and allows you to enjoy leading epic missions against the enemies, show off your superior Tactical and Strategy skills, engage in epic combats and enjoy an immersive game-play. With all the refined aesthetics of X-Com, visually stunning and quite brilliant game-play plus the addictive nature, Xenonauts is a wonderful game to play.


4. Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Shadowrun: Dragonfall is a super engaging Action-Adventure, Cyberpunk-RPG and Hack and Slash video game by Harebrained Schemes. This epic game provides with an amazing strategy based game-play that lets you experience a wonderful mix up of all the above mentioned elements. The game is about the return of the dark magic that unleashed powerful mythical creatures and among them was the one mighty Dragon named as Feuerschwinge who emerged from the mountains of Germany and brought heavy destruction and chaos with it. German Forces kept on fighting off the Feuerschwinge and after four months of heavy fights and destruction they finally shot it down and that was called The Dragonfall. Years later in 2054, Germany becomes the hub of tech and the population is now doubled as the Elves and Trolls have joined the populace, giant corporations have corrupted the Govts. and now Germany is in the control of Flux State after the heavy anarchy and chaos. With a lot of new threats and you as a Shadow Runner, the Flux State hires you to go against the re-surfacing Feuerschwinge, eliminate it and restore the order. Would you accept the challenge? Shadowrun: Dragonfall offers brilliant realistic visauls and sounds, a well-written story and an immersive game-play tho enjoy.


5. XCOM 2

XCOM 2 is a brand new Military Theme, Turn-based, Tactical Real Time Strategy and MMO video game by the popular Firaxis games. XCom 2 is the direct sequel to the 2012’s insanely popular XCom: Enemy Unknown and offers a similar gaming experience with enhanced mechanics and loads of new upgrades and perks. According to the story of the game, The aliens invaded again and this time the invasion was so strong and devastating that it sent the humanity in despair. The seized control over the major facilities and defeated the XCOM and surrendered with the Key operatives hiding in places nobody could know about. Alien’s Puppet ADVENT Administration prevailed, and Years later XCOM became a small resistance and started a new oppressive against the Aliens. This is where you get into the play as a Commander and the story takes another turn that writes the fate of Humanity. Now you must blow the soul back into XCOM and let the Aliens know about What XCOM is capable of. XCOM 2 is set in the future in the year 2035, after the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and allows you to get in the role of the Commander of an eponymous Tactical and Military Organization named as XCOM. XCOM 2 tasks you to take Charge of the New XCOM base named as Avenger, gather and train your forces and send them on a number of challenging missions in order to oppose the Alien enemies who have occupied a large area of the game world after the Invasion and are engulfing the world slowly but steadily. You must think strategically, deploy your forces on key spots, build new research and technological facilities, find and team up with Central Officer Bradford and launch a massive attack on Alien bases, gather up the resources such as Elerium Core, get Dr. Richard Tygan rescued and defeat the Aliens once and for all. XCOM 2 offers enhanced game mechanics, brilliant visuals, and a totally immersive gameplay along with all the brilliance it can offer. Do give it a go.


6. Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate is a Free-to-Play Fantasy-based Action-RPG video game by BioWare. The game takes place in the Forgotten Realms and offers a Dungeons and Dragons, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment inspired game-play and mechanics. With a bunch of character selection and development options, Baldur’s Gate allows you to explore the game world, Choose your party members, interact with NPCs and other online players, go on epic quests and battle against the enemies, eliminate them to earn experience points and upgrades and enjoy having an awesome gaming experience. With a brilliant game setting, fantastic game mechanics, a content rich game story and a truly very interesting and quite engaging gameplay, Baldur’s Gate is one of the most amazing creations of BioWare that offers a true Dungeons and Dragons inspired gameplay and loads of other characteristics. Do try it out for an amazing Action-RPG and Fantasy based experience.

More About Exiled Kingdoms RPG

Exiled Kingdoms RPG is an Adventure, Role-playing, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by 4 Dimensions Games for multiple platforms. During the gameplay, the player takes on the role of an adventurer whose mission is to roam freely through a unique world full of surprises.

While inspecting the world, the player views the character from an isometric angle. The player can interact with almost 300 NPCs in the adventure with a set of pre-defined dialogues offered by the game. It comes up with a wide range of characters where the player can unlock all the characters one after another.

The player will come to explore over 130 areas, and each one offers a unique experience to the player. The player can customize the character with almost seventy items and hundreds of different items. Jump into the adventure, overcome all kinds of monsters and antagonists, choose the weapons or powers carefully, and explore more and more.