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Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is an Action, RPG, Strategy, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Chromatic Games for multiple platforms. The player’s main task is to defend Etheria from enemies by taking on the role of an unnamed protagonist. The game offers plenty of heroes with different abilities and appearance where the player can unlock the advanced characters… read more
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11 Games Like Dungeon Defenders: Awakened


1. Orcs Must Die!

Orcs Must Die is an Action-based Strategy video game with Tower-defense elements by Microsoft Studio. The game allows the players to be the War Mages and Defend the Rifts against the Orcs. The Orcs travel in waves and in the game they come in total twelve waves, and the players’ task is to engage in combat against the Orcs and defeat them before they reach down to the Rifts. The players must Set various types of traps, and use unique magical skills to eliminate the Orcs. Every trap costs in-game money to the players so the players must set the traps with care and with a singly trap, kill more Orcs. The players can set some additional traps by spending their health and Mana so they must keep track of their help and avoid the health bar t deplete fully. Once the players are able to defeat all the waves of Orcs, Orcs Must Die awards them with Skulls based up on their level of experience. The players can use the Skulls to buy upgrades, new traps, weapons and unlock new skills, etc. With a very addictive gameplay, a well-written storyline, and beautiful visuals, Orcs Must Die is a fun Strategy and Tower Defense video game to play and enjoy.


2. Dungeon Defenders 2

Dungeon Defenders 2 is an Action, Strategy and Tower Defense video game by Trendy Entertainment. The game offers unique RPG elements and character customization options along with four different types of player characters. The game lets you defeat The Old Ones who have attacked your kingdom and there is no other way but to fight against them and defeat them in order to restore the order. Your basic task is to team up with your friends, fight epic battles, build towers, mount weapons, use your magical skills, strategize your moves and eventually save Etheria. With amazing 4-player Co-op game-play, lots of upgrades, DLC (Downloadable Content), an engagingly immersive game-play, wonderful graphics and a brilliantly well-written storyline, Dungeon Defenders 2 is one cool game to play and enjoy. Try it out and you’ll enjoy every bit of this marvelous game.


3. Fieldrunners 2

Fieldrunners 2 is an award winning Action, Strategy and Tower Defense video game by Subatomic Studios. Fieldrunners 2 lets you engage yourself in amazing strategy-based game-play in which your duty is to save your people by defeating the invaders once and for all. By building snaky pathways, mounting state of the art weapons, calling in air strikes, deploying explosive traps and by continuously raining fire upon the enemies, you must defend your people and your world. Fieldrunners 2 offers 25 levels of unique and addictive gameplay, four different worlds (Zones), amazing background and music, six types of cool weapons etc. The game also offers 3 difficulty levels named as Casual, Tough and Heroic. With amazing visuals and immersive game-play, Fieldrunners 2 is a wonderful game.


4. Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is a Strategic and casual Tower Defense video game developed by PopCap Games that lets you build your defenses with different types of plants against incoming waves of zombies to defend your home. Every plant has its own special defensive and offensive property that you can use against the zombies by placing it strategically in your garden horizontally. The playing field consists of five horizontal lanes and you can place any plant on anyone of these lanes. The plantation of the plants costs “Suns” so, you must collect all of them in order to plant more plants. You can also play the game in single, multiplayer and adventure mode to earn money that you can spend to buy more seeds and plants from the in-game store. Plants vs Zombies provides you with a lot of levels with different details and environments, an amazingly engaging and addicting game-play and best graphics for a game of this type. Because of being super easy to play and enjoy, Plant vs Zombies attracts a lot of players and keeps them bound to their gaming consoles for a good amount of time. Do try it out if you haven’t played it yet and enjoy the ultimate Tower Defense fun.


5. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a wonderful Tower Defense video game by Armor Games. The game takes you to a Medieval Fantasy-based setting and allows you to build Towers of different types, assign different characters (Mages, Archers, Barracks and Artillery Men) on the towers and defend your keep against the hordes of monsters. Kingdom Rush lets you have money for upgrades via killing the boss monsters and to keep on defending until all the waves of enemies are neutralized. The game allows you to earn some extra cash by calling the enemy waves earlier or you can simply sell your built towers to earn money and upgrade the existing ones. After completing a level, Kingdom Rush awards you with 3 stars and unlocks some cool and exciting game modes such as Heroic Mode and Iron Challenge etc. Furthermore, Kingdom Rush offers a Campaign mode in which it lets you have 20 lives, more hardcore enemies, and difficult to defend locations. With all the fantastic game visuals, realistic sounds and amazing perks, kingdom Rush is one of the best Strategy and Tower Defense video games to play and enjoy.


6. Heroes of the Banner

Heroes of the Banner is an Online Strategy-based Tower Defense and RPG video game. As a brave warrior The Heroes of the Banner allows you to defend your village by recruiting powerful warriors and deploying them on specific paths to defend against the enemy. You can always upgrade your warriors to enhance their abilities and range of action. Heroes of the Banner provides with a lot of different game maps and different kinds of enemies. Every encounter with the enemy awards you with experience points and you can use these points to buy new towers and place them in the way of the enemy. Unlike other tower defense games, Heroes of the Banner follows a story based on the events happened previously. Other great features of the game include PvP encounters, quests, treasure hunts etc. You’ll experience the best graphics quality and a lot of other exciting things. Do try it out.


7. Tiny Defense

Tiny Defense is a 2D Tower Defense video game that allows you to use your best strategies against your enemies and defend your planet from The Machines. The game lest you control a huge number of MiniRobots and place them strategically on the ground against the hordes of the enemy. Each and every MiniRobot possesses a specific ability that you can use on the battlefield. You can also gather resources and use them as upgrades or you can simply put a number of MiniRobots at work and generate resources and keep on supplying to your troops until the level ends. Just like Kingdom Rush, you can enjoy a good number of game levels all packed up with amazing strategic game-play. The episodic nature of the game makes it a bit more engaging and provides with a great Tower Defense gaming experience.


8. Pixel Junk Monsters

Pixel Junk Monsters is a greatly popular Strategy and tower Defense video game that follows the foot steps of some great games of the same genre. The game allows you to defend against your enemies by placing towers on specific pathways using all your strategic skills and tactics. Enemies enter the map from multiple directions so you must build strong defenses to stop them from reaching to the center point. Pixel Junk Monsters lets you run on all the paths to your keep and construct defensive towers and collect the coins. The attacking Monsters have unique abilities so you must construct the towers that are suitable to eliminate them. The collected coins can be used to buy upgrades for the towers to enhance their power and firing range. The game provides with 40 levels of exciting game-play, a lot of different monsters, a variety of defensive towers and multiple levels of difficulty. Pixel Junk Monsters is one of the best Strategy and Tower Defense video game to play and enjoy.


9. Ninjatown

Ninjatown is a Nintendo DS specific Strategy and Tower Defense video game that takes you to a Ninjatown and tasks you to defend the town against countless numbers of demons who suddenly appeared on the surface of the earth after a huge volcanic eruption. The demons want to take over the town so it is now your duty to defend the town and devastate their might. The demons attack and follow a specific path so you must protect your pathways by placing your defensive towers in their way to eliminate them. You can also create different buildings on the ways to mount your archers on the tops to target the demons. Buildings can be made by spending the star cookies that you can get by killing your enemies. Ninjas are categorized according to their abilities so you must deploy them where they are best suited, otherwise the demons will kill them and reach down to the other half of the screen and you will lose the game. Some good features of the game include Quite fun and strategically rich game-play, demons and ninjas with unique abilities, impressive 3D graphics and other gaming characteristics. Ninjatown is a great game to play and enjoy.


10. Defenders of Time

Defenders of Time is another Futuristic Marvel in the line of Strategy and Tower Defense gaming. The game is set in an alternate universe and allows you to be the savior of the Fabric of Time. Your task is to simply go against the enemies alone or team up with your online friends in order to act as a team, build some fancy looking futuristic towers and stop the enemies from reaching to all the Time Beacons. Defeat them by placing your towers strategically on the map in enemy’s path, keep on upgrading your towers in order to enhance their abilities and fire power and defeat the alien foes to save the Fabric of Time. With amazing game maps, multiplayer Co-Op support (8 players max), team-based action, amazingly addictive game levels, great visual details and sounds and an engaging game-play, Defenders of Time is a brilliant new Tower Defense game to play and enjoy.


11. Doodlefense

Doodlefense allows you to experience Action and Tower Defense gaming on the same time. With its unique game-play and advanced game characteristics, Doodlefense keeps you tapping on your screens for a long time. The game engages you into the best ever combination of Action and Tower Defense gaming and lets you defend your keep with archers, spearmen, cannons and ninjas against the enemies. The enemies start as sweet little Jellies but in very short time they turn into humongous monsters. The enemies in the game are quite futuristic as they have different abilities like they can go fast, have armored bodies and can attack by different methods. You must use your lives carefully and summon your allies on the correct locations from where you can target your enemy with better perspective. Allies also have some unique abilities and strengths to encounter the enemies. You can control all you allies and deploy them on the locations (as towers) you like to defend yourself from the enemies. With a number of different types of Enemies, Allies and unique abilities to use, amazing upgrades, great visuals and an immersive game-play, Doodlefense is a cool game to play.

More About Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is an Action, RPG, Strategy, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Chromatic Games for multiple platforms. The player’s main task is to defend Etheria from enemies by taking on the role of an unnamed protagonist. The game offers plenty of heroes with different abilities and appearance where the player can unlock the advanced characters.

In the multiplayer mode, the player creates a team of four members where each player has a specific character. The game also offers a loot system that allows the player to loot the defeated enemies and increase the player’s inventory. As the player makes progress, he will come to collect plenty of weapons, such as bows, axes, swords, beam sabers, etc.

The game’s environment, defenses, character’s appearances, and collectibles, depends on the player’s choices. Make a suitable team and jump into an adventurous world full of combats and exciting adventures. Dungeon Defenders: The awakened game has core features, such as Dungeon Crawler, Weapons, Collectibles, Multiplayer Mode, and Different Heroes.