24 Games Like Dragon Age: The Last Court

Dragon Age: The Last Court is a Text-based, Strategy, and Single-player video game developed by Failbetter Games for PC. The game introduces the stunning gameplay takes place on the western edge of Orlais. The player steps into the shoes of the Marquis of Serault. In the game, the player has an option to play either as the huntress or the scholar, with an aim to commands Serault through a part of history. During the gameplay, the player needs to make decisions that affect the player, as well as the region and its inhabitants. It mainly deals with resource management game, with the player asked to accept complex challenges and make decisions. The game starts with the player making one of 20 possible decisions. While playing the game, the player can purchase a resource known as Dawn, using the real-world cash to replenish actions. There are different characters from which the player can select his favorite ones such as The Acerbic Dowager, The Elegant Abbess, The Cheery Baron, the Kindly Knight, and more. Each has its unique skills, abilities, and play style. Dragon Age: The Last Court includes core features such as several Resources, Trading, Text-based Gameplay, Four main Attributes (Skills, Health, State of Realm, and Threats), and more.

3. The Idle RPG

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The Idle RPG is an addictive, Zero-player, Role-playing and Brower-based video game. The game offers the similar gameplay to Progress Quests and Godville. There are different character classes such as Wizard, Ranger, Roque, Cowboy, Paladin, etc. select one of them and dive into the game world. The game includes different…

5. Idle Oil Tycoon

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Idle Oil Tycoon is a Zero-player, Role-playing, and Casual video game created by Moby Games. The game is available to play on Android platform only and offers a superb gameplay where you can build your oil empire as you want. The focuses on text-based gameplay and lets you increase your…

6. A Dark Room

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A Dark Room, developed and published by Doublespeak Games is a Text-based and Point and Click puzzle and role playing game playable on Internet Browser and iOS platforms. The game kicks off with the player waking up after an unknown event and with a special power to use fire as…

8. Crank

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Crank is a Text-based, Role-playing, and Idle Clicker video game available to play on Browser. The game has a similar gameplay like Cookie Clicker and A Dark Room. The gameplay is simple where you have to generate power by clicking on the crank and earn points to level-up. There are…

10. Torn

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Torn is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing and Text-based video game created by BMINC and published by Chedburn Networks. The game takes place in the fictional Torn City threatened by underground dealing and violence. There are different factions and character classes, you can select one of them and can customize…

13. Mash Game: Crush

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Mash Game: Crush is a Text-based, Casual, Role-playing and Single-player video game developed by Byington Design. The game offers an exciting gameplay and lets you a chance to find out your crush by playing the game. Find out the exciting thing about your crush and share you story with your…

14. The Ensign

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The Ensign is a Text-based video game developed and published by Amirali Rajan. The gameplay of the game inspired by The Dark Room. The Ensign set in the unknown planet in which the player can take a part of an alien species named as the Wanderers and the ultimate task…

15. Fallen London

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Fallen London is an Adventure and Single-player video game developed by Failbetter Games for Android and iOS. The game offers an exciting gameplay that you have never played before and takes place in the fictional London take over by bats. It offers a hilarious Gothic underworld environment where every choice…

22. Space Lich Omega

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Space Lich Omega is a Puzzle, Text-based and Single-player video game available to play on Brower. The game offers an exciting gameplay and takes place in the fantasy world consists of the Church and Factory. The primary objective of the player is to collect as many golds as possible to…

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