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DOTA or the Defense of the Ancients is a groundbreaking MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game by Valve Corporation. DOTA was initially released as a Community Created Mod for the popular video game Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and for its expansion pack named as Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. DOTA is based on a map “Aeon of Strife” from the StarCraft series, and it tasks the players to complete the objective of destroying the “Ancient”, a heavily guarded and well-built structure at the opposing corner of the map. The game offers a team-based gameplay in which the players can use powerful Units of Heroes, and they can also get assisted by the Allied Heroes from other teams as well as the AI controlled fighters. This fantastic mod actually was not perfected until its stable release 6.68 after DOTA Allstars, and now this particular scenario is being monitored and maintained by professionals (Last known author and developer for DOTA were an Anonymous named as “IceFrog”). Since its initial release, DOTA has become favorite of a huge majority of MOBA players worldwide, Tournaments, are being organized (BlizzCon by Blizzard Entertainment, Asian World Cyber Games, Cyberathlete, and CyberEvolution, etc.). All great things Considered about the game, DOTA (Mod) and DOTA 2 (Game) are the most popular and most discussed video games in the world. All those who have played these MOBA masterpieces would definitely know it.

4. Garena AOV: Arena of Valor: Action MOBA

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Garena AOV: Arena of Valor: Action MOBA is a Multiplayer, Strategy, and Combat video game created by MOBA Games Private Ltd. The game takes place in the stunning world and features a variety of playable characters. You can select your favorite one and jump into the battlefield where you can…

16. Magicka 2

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Magicka 2 is a wonderful Action-RPG and Hack and Slash game by Pieces Interactive. You can play as single player and you have option to play as online cooperative players. Just like Magicka, in this game you are given some special magical skills to use and have a complete control…

20. Bloodline Champions

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Bloodline Champions is a great Free-to-Play Action-Adventure and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game that lets you enjoy amazingly Fast-paced Arena-based battles. Bloodline Champions offers a wonderful game-play that totally depends on your skills and abilities and allows you to enjoy enhanced mechanics of the game. Bloodline Champions allows…

35. Panzar

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Panzar offers an amazing combination of Action MMORPG and Fantasy-based elements and allows you to engage yourself into epic team-based PvP (8 vs 8) and adventurous PvE combats with the enemies or take part in regular tournaments and earn real prizes. Panzar lets you immerse yourself into a world filled…

47. Magicka: Wizard Wars

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Magicka: Wizard Wars is a Freemium, Action, MOBA and Strategy video game by Paradox Interactive. This fast-paced game is all about spell-casting, Combats and Strategy and provides with a unique spell system that makes the game-play more engaging. You are allowed to select and customize your wizard character and choose…
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