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61 Games Like DinerTown Detective Agency

DinerTown Detective Agency is an Adventure, Puzzle, Hidden Object, and Single-player video game developed by Absolutist Ltd. and published by PlayFirst for Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Mac platforms. The game represents an exciting gameplay revolving around the Hidden Object elements. It takes place in the world DinerTown where something isn’t right. During the gameplay, the player needs to help Bernie the Bookworm to become the real detective, as the player struggles to find vital clues in the complex mysteries like who stuck the finger in jelly doughnuts and more. While the player is solving these objectives, he may reveal a real mystery that affects everyone in the town of the game. Then the player needs to items to narrow the list of suspects and ID the culprit as the player find out the secrets. There are more than twenty interesting cases available, and each comes with multiple puzzles to solve. More than twenty locations can be explored throughout the game for clues, and the player can experience over four mini-games to solve multiple cases. DinerTown Detective Agency includes core features such as 4 Mini-Games, 20 Locations, 25 Unique Cases to Solve, and more.

1. Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger!

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Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger! revolves around Hidden Object, Point-and-Click, and Puzzle elements developed and published by Her Interactive. The premise of the game is the Adventure genre, and it is available to play on Microsoft Windows. The game enables the player to assume the first-person perspective of fictional…

4. Tales from the Borderlands

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Tales from the Borderlands based on the original Borderlands is an Episodic, Interactive Drama and Graphic Action-Adventure video game developed by Telltale Games. Set in the Borderlands universe, this point and click graphic adventure video game lets you be anyone of the two main protagonists Rhys and Fiona, Explore the…

7. The Walking Dead: Season Two

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The Walking Dead: Season Two, based on the Comic Book named The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman is an Episodic, Graphic Point-and-Click Action-Adventure and Interactive Drama video game. The game follows the story-line of the first season and continues from where it was ended previously. You can set yourself up…

8. The Longest Journey

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The Longest Journey offers a great Point-and-Click, Action-Adventure, Exploration and Puzzle experience for all the lovers of these specific genres. With amazing new characters, brilliant setting and an immersive game-play, The Longest Journey lets you be part of a multi-layered and a great story that will definitely leave you spellbound…

15. Gemini Rue

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Gemini Rue is a Graphic-Adventure, Interactive Drama and Cyberpunk video game developed by Wadjet Eye Games. The story of the game bases on point-and-Click Puzzles and investigations and lets you explore the game world, interact with NPCs, collect clues and objects and engage in quite exciting Gun-play. The game takes…

17. Jurassic Park: The Game

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Jurassic Park: The Game, presented by Telltale Games is an Episodic, Interactive Drama and Graphic Action-Adventure video game based on the Jurassic Park Movie Franchise. The game takes place in the time between the first and the second Jurassic park movies. The game is heavily influenced by the Mechanics used…

24. The Blackwell Convergence

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The Blackwell Convergence is the third game in the Blackwell series and is developed by Wadjet Eye Games. This Graphic Action-Adventure and Interactive Drama video game features the character of Rosangela Blackwell a spiritual medium, and her spirit guide Joey Malone who basically provides with a connection between the ghosts…

26. Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey

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Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey is an episodic Puzzle Point and Click and Adventure video game. This 3D game surrounds the interacting characters, game world exploration and a lot of puzzles to solve. Developed and published by Red Thread Games, this is the most favorite and highest ranking game in the…

32. Corpse party

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Corpse Party is a Third-Person, Top Down Action-Adventure Horror-Survival and Mystery-based RPG video game that lets you explore haunted school grounds to collect objects and escape the premises. In order to complete the game objectives you must explore the school and interact with environment, objects, NPCs to get the info…
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