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Degrees of Separation

Degrees of Separation is an Adventure, Casual, Puzzle, Side-Scrolling, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game offered by Moondrop. During the gameplay, the player assumes the role of one protagonist from the two available, named Ember or Rime, in single-player mode. In local multiplayer mode, two players can take the role of both the protagonists… read more
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9 Games Like Degrees of Separation for Linux


1. World of Goo

World of Goo is a beautiful Action-Adventure and Puzzle-Platform video game by 2DBoy. This wonderful Mix up of Indie, Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platform and Point and Click elements allows you to build massive structures with nothing but Goo Balls. The game offers five main chapters all filled up with challenging levels, with unique music, graphic themes and a totally unique environment. The amazing multiplayer feature allows the players from around the world to build amazing towers using goo balls and enjoy competing against each other. With a super engaging game-play, cool visuals and sounds etc., World of Goo is a brilliant game to play and enjoy. If you haven’t played it yet, you should definitely try it out. It’ll make you an addict.


2. Limbo

Limbo is an award winning Puzzle-Platform and Action-Adventure video game by PlayDead. The game offers wonderfully immersive game-play and lets you enjoy a Side-Scrolling marvel in which your task is to be a little kid, travel through a dark jungle, solve a number of puzzles in order to carry on your way and defeat some nasty monsters to survive. Huge Spiders, Bear Traps, Dark passages, machine enemies and anti-gravity guns are some of the obstacles that you are destined to go through, remain on your course and get out of this God-forsaken world and eventually find your missing sister. With a mesmerizing and amazing environment, brilliant visuals and an addictive and challenging game-play, Limbo is quite fun to play.


3. DeadCore

DeadCore, developed by 5 Bit Games is a First-Person Action-Adventure and Physics-Based Puzzle-Platform video game set in an alternate reality. The game lets the players traverse through a number of environmental hazards by using their special abilities and eliminate the enemies by the use of futuristic weapons and skills. The basic objective of the game is to reach to the top of a revolutionary Tower and finish the level. DeadCore is one of the best games of this specific genre and is a great source of entertainment for all the enthusiasts. With a number of challenging puzzles, a lot of different environments to go through, Unique skills and abilities to master, DearCore offers beautifully created visuals, objective-based story and an engaging game-play to enjoy.


4. Waking Mars

Waking Mars proves to be a wonderful game that truly offers a brilliantly addictive and quite immersive gameplay and a great story as well. being one of the most played and well liked Action-Adventure and Puzzle Platform video game, Waking Mars takes you to the planet Mars in the year 2097 when after the discovery of life, the first human mission gets trapped into a system of caves. In order to survive the only option seems to be adopting the alien ecosystem, so you must start acting like aliens (Martians), explore the planet, fight off the enemies, survive and save the crew. To explore the planet, Waking Mars lets you use Jetpacks and to fight off the aliens, it allows you to use your tactics and weapons when needed. You must also master the behaviors of different creatures and learn the ways to be part of a breathing ecosystem, discover the secrets, collect the items and finally get out of the planet. With a an amazingly addictive open ended game-play, super cool visuals and sounds, Waking Mars is a fantastic new Action-Adventure and Puzzle Platform video game to play and enjoy. Do give it a try if you haven’t played this marvel yet.


5. Tulpa

Tulpa is a brilliant new challenging Action-Adventure and Puzzle-Platformer Video game by Encryptique. The game provides with a surreal game-play in which you’ll have to travel through a haunted world with a girl named Olivia as her soul mate Tulpa. Your tasks are to explore the game world filled with mysterious, bizarre and deadly entities, solve some of the most challenging puzzles and riddles, interact with objects and go through a series of amazing obstacles in order to complete the game objectives. Tupla with amazing story-line, great visuals and an immersive game-play, is a wonderful game to play and enjoy. Do give it a try.


6. Never Alone

Never Alone is a Single Player, Local Co-operative, Atmospheric Puzzle-Platform video game by Upper One Games. The game offers a game-play divided into 8 chapters and allows you to be an Alaskan Eskimo girl named as Nuna who along with her Companion, an Arctic Fox follows the stories in every chapter and completes various and challenging puzzles. Never Alone lets you swap between the two characters (Nuna and Fox) according to the puzzles in front of you and lets you pick different objects, solve puzzles and restore the balance in the core of Eternal Blizzard. Exploration element of the game lets you explore the game world, interact with objects and solve various puzzles based on physics and environmental wonders. Never Alone lets you use Bola, a special weapon made with weights and interconnected cords to smash into closed areas and open them up, get into new environments and enjoy immersing yourself into an amazingly addictive and quite engaging gameplay. Never Alone offers a story deeply inspired by Alaskan Folklore, that includes sub stories such as Blizzard man, The Little People, Manslayer, The Rolling Heads, The Sky People etc. Try it out and see if you can survive in harsh physical environments and can solve the twisted puzzles.


7. Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP

Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP is a Graphic Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platformer and indie video game by Caypybara Games. The game revolves around the character of Scythia and allows you to be part of the two super amazing worlds, one is the real world and the other is a dream world. You can jump from one world to another according to your states. For example, if you want to visit the dream world, you must sleep and if you want to get back to the real world, you must wake up. You can explore a massive sandbox type game world and interact with objects, find out the passage ways or you can eat the Red Mushrooms to boost up your energy levels to continue your journey. You can go on different quests to find the Trigones by traveling through the passageways. The story of Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery seems kind of twisted one but it will surely engage you in some exciting Puzzles and Adventures and you will enjoy this game for sure. Do try it out.


8. Closure

Closure is a fantastic new Action-Adventure and Puzzle-Platformer video game by Eyebrow Interactive that takes you to an amazingly eerie Dark World of Closure. Your task is to solve some of the most bizarre, mysterious and challenging puzzles, interact with and manipulate a lot of different objects, craft a number of things and complete the game objectives in order to clear the levels. The game lets you be a Spider like demonic creature and allows you to explore the game-world and set your course according to the stories of three Human Characters, travel through a mysterious world and eerie environments and enjoy. Closure offers great story, surreal visuals and an immersive game-play. Do try it out for an amazing Action-Adventure and Puzzle-Platform experience.


9. Braid

Braid is a cool Action-Adventure and Puzzle-Platform video game Created by Hothead Games, Braid is available on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Steam, XBox 360 and PS3 and offers a number of cool upgrades and stuff. Although the gaming environment is quite similar to Super Mario but, the puzzles and game-play is quite like Limbo, Badland and Contre Jour etc. Another great feature included in the game is the ability of the player to reverse the time. For example. If you die in the game you can always reverse the time and save yourself whenever you reach the same point where you died previously. This feature alone attracts the players a lot. Six different playing scenarios, everyone with a unique set of challenging puzzles to solve and twisted structure of the game gets you to the whole new level of excitement and Adventure-based Puzzle-Platform gaming. Braid is a wonderful alternative to a lot of games of the same genre. Do give it a try and enjoy the ultimate fun.

More About Degrees of Separation

Degrees of Separation is an Adventure, Casual, Puzzle, Side-Scrolling, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game offered by Moondrop. During the gameplay, the player assumes the role of one protagonist from the two available, named Ember or Rime, in single-player mode. In local multiplayer mode, two players can take the role of both the protagonists.

Both characters can solve obstacles of the puzzle environment with the mutual understandings between them, and their cooperation will bring them closer or apart them depends upon the decision of the players. While playing the game, both the players can judge their understandings and the power of convincing each other.

The game offers a mixture of cold and hot environments for the players, and during the gameplay, the characters can run, jump, dodge, and climb up to overcome obstacles in the game. One character is the male protagonist, and the other is the female protagonist, where the player is set free to select the desired character.

As the player gets advance, the difficulty becomes more difficult for the player, and he faces more complex puzzles. Utilizing the powers and methodology of understanding each other, the players can gain success and complete the required mission. The game has core features, such as Two Protagonists, Multiple Puzzles, Mutual Understandings, and Dual-mode Environment.