73 Games Like Defense Grid 2

Defense Grid 2 is a Single-player and Multiplayer Tower Defense video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and published by 505 Games. The game is the sequel to Defense Grid: The Awakening, released in 2008. In the game, the player as the commander is tasked with defending colonies, outposts, bases, and space stations from hordes of aliens struggling to grab and escape with the power cores housed in each section. The player navigates the environment from a top-down perspective and he has an ability to build different towers that attack and change the route of aliens. The aliens will make their way back to towards the exit points once they reached to the power core housing. The player has a last opportunity to slay all the aliens and save the core, if he done it successfully the core will drop and float back to its housing. The game comes with a story campaign, introducing over twenty-one maps, dynamic levels, expanded storyline, and an exciting cast of characters. Defense Grid 2 includes prominent features such as 21 Stunning Maps, a new Multiplayer Mode, Randomly Audio Score, and more.

2. Anuto TD

Android Amazon
Anuto TD is a Tower-defense, Strategy and Single-player video game produced by The game features a variety of levels and a set towers to fend off enemies. It is played from a top-down perspective and the player must effort to stop the enemies by placing multiple towers in the…

8. Robo Defense

Android Amazon
Robo Defense is an Arcade, Strategy and Tower-defense video game developed and published by Lupis Labs Software for Android. The game offers a thrilling gameplay and brings new open maps, achievements, upgrades and beautiful graphics. The free version of the game contains a single map with eleven challenging levels. It…

9. Empire Defense

Android Amazon
Empire Defense developed by GoodTeam is an Arcade, Tower-defense and Strategy video game available to play on Android platform. The game has Single-player mode only and takes place in the fantastic world comprises up to four different maps. You as the commander starts the game with four primary weapons and…

11. HexDefense

Android iOS Amazon
HexDefense is an Arcade, Classic Tower-defense, Strategy and Single-player Puzzle video game developed and published by Foundry 376 for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. The game lets you explore thirty-five challenging levels, where you must build and upgrade towers to make various mazes that leave foes creeps. It…

14. Beware Planet Earth

iOS Win Amazon
Beware Planet Earth is a Strategy, Tower-defense and Single-player video game developed by Lightmare Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game mixes the Time Management and classic Tower Defense elements and introduces a variety of levels. It has a story mode contains forty-six levels more than four seasons,…

18. Iron Marines

Android iOS Amazon
Iron Marines is a Real-time Strategy, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Ironhide Game Studio for Android and iOS. The game takes you to the strange unknown planet where lets you engage and immerse yourself in engaging gameplay with ridiculous appealing graphics. There are different brave soldiers…

26. Crazy Kings

iOS Amazon
Crazy Kings is a Strategy, Tower-defense, and Single-player video game created and published by Animoca Brands for iOS. The game mixes the CCG and Tower-defense elements and offers the fantastic Comic-style Art. It challenges your strategy in more than five-hundred levels and comes with epic daily quests and weekly tournaments.…

29. Rescue Team 5

Win Mac Amazon
Rescue Team 5 is an Adventure, Time-Management and Single-player Strategy video game developed by Rionix and published by Alawar Entertainment. The game serves as the fifth entry in the series of Rescue Team and comes with new missions, graphics, and a set of objectives to accomplish. The game lets you…

30. Rescue Team

Win Online Amazon
Rescue Team is a Time-Management, Strategy, and Single-player Simulation developed by Alawar Entertainment and published by Buka Entertainment. The game takes place in the ruined Island, and it puts the player in charge of rescue workers who have to build up to three islands. During the gameplay, the player has…

32. Gratuitous Space Battles

iOS Steam Win Mac Amazon
Gratuitous Space Battles (also known as GSB) is a Tower-defense and Single-player video game developed and published by Positech Games for multiple platforms. The game mixes the RTS (Real-time Strategy), with the unit placement and design gameplay from Tower-defense games. In the game, the player doesn’t command individual ships during…

35. Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards

Android iOS Win Amazon
Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, and Single-player video game developed by Game Mechanic Studios and published by Tobuscus Game Studios. It offers a thrilling story, in which the wizard of darkness has awakened and try to take over the world. You are the last hope of the world,…

36. Star Fox Guard

Wii U Amazon
Star Fox Guard is a Strategy, Tower Defense, and Single-player video game developed by N intend EPD. The game offers strategic gameplay, where the player must defend his various bases, owned by the uncle of Slippy Toads named as Gippy, from oncoming waves of enemies. The TV shows the footage…

37. Elf Defense Eng

iOS Amazon
Elf Defense Eng is a Strategy, Tower-defense and Single-player video game developed and published by Jellyoasis Inc. for iOS. The game comes with exciting gameplay that players have never seen before. It takes place in the stunning environment with gorgeous graphics populated with more than 100 enemies to defeat. During…

48. Vector TD

Vector TD is a Top-down, Tower Defense, and Single-player video game, taking place in the 2D World and features several towers each with the unique attribute. The player starts the game with some money which he can use to purchase the standard towers and place them in the environment to…

50. Tower Defense Zone

Android iOS Amazon
Tower Defense Zone is a Strategy, Tower Defense, and Single-player video game takes place in the stunning world developed and published by Zonmob Game Studio for Android and iOS. The game puts the player in the land which is invading by an alien creature. During the gameplay, they eat meat…
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