Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten


Games Like Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten for PSP

#1 Pixel Junk Monsters


Pixel Junk Monsters is a greatly popular Strategy and tower Defense video game that follows the foot steps of some great games of the same genre. The game allows you to defend against your enemies by placing towers on specific pathways using all your strategic skills and tactics. Enemies enter the map from multiple directions so you must build strong defenses to stop them from reaching to the center point. Pixel Junk Monsters lets you run on all the paths to your keep and construct defensive towers and collect the coins. The attacking Monsters have unique abilities so you must construct the towers that are suitable to eliminate them. The collected coins can be used to buy upgrades for the towers to enhance their power and firing range. The game provides with 40 levels of exciting game-play, a lot of different monsters, a variety of defensive towers and multiple levels of difficulty. Pixel Junk Monsters is one of the best Strategy and Tower Defense video game to play and enjoy.


#2 Fieldrunners


Fieldrunners combines the elements of Tower-defense, Strategy and Single-player developed and published by Subatomic Studios LLC. There are three different maps from which you could select such as Crossroads, Grasslands and Drylands. In the game, you must save your land from enemies, place powerful towers to fend off enemies by attacking you. Defend your base, train your armies and equip them with destructive weapons. Earn points and use them to upgrade your towers. Use defense strategically and crush your enemies. It has eight stages each with unique environments and challenges. It has beautiful and hand-painted levels you must complete at any cost. The game lets you use a massive variety of strategies and tactics against hordes of enemies, air combats, and unique land. Collect enough points and become the master of tower defense. Retina Support, New Soundtracks, Glorious Battles, Seven Devastating Weapons, Stunning Graphics, Epic achievements, Center Integration, etc. are the exciting features of Fieldrunners. Try it out.


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