Deer Hunter 2018


Games Like Deer Hunter 2018 for Mac OS

#1 Wild Terra Online


Wild Terra Online combines the MMORPG, Hunting, Crafting, and Sandbox elements developed by Juvty Worlds Ltd. The game takes place in the fantasy-based world and offers multiple characters from which the player can select his or her one of them to start his quest. During the gameplay, the player has to manipulate the open-ended medieval-themed world, deal with hunger, dangers, and starvation. The ultimate task is to gather resources, hunt wild animals from an isometric perspective while building shelters. Using crafting element, the player can create multiple tools, weapons, and equipment and can use them to hunt deer, rabbit, and other animals while avoiding the attack. As the player progresses, the game becomes tough to play and unlock additional content. The player can interact with other players or non-player characters to progress through the game and get access to secret areas with rare animals and resources. Destructible Building, PvP Arena, Deep Crafting System, NPCs, etc. are core features of the game.