Dark Souls


#1 Legend of Grimrock


Legend of Grimrock, created by Almost Human Ltd. is an Action-Aand Hack and Slash video game. The game provides with a lot of dungeon crawling and strategically special game levels in which the player gets fit into the role of a prisoner who is thrown into the Pit of mount Grimrock. You after taking over the character of the protagonist must crawl through the dungeon, fight off the monsters and other dangerous prisoners, interact with objects, solve puzzles and find and repair the machine that opens up the portal to the outer world. Your life depends on the actions you perform so be careful. You must also find out the hidden equipment in order to fill up your inventory and gain the experience points. After the portal machine gets repaired, you must go through it and find the Tomb of the Creators who then will lead you to the Undying One and you’ll be able to complete the objectives of the game after blowing up the great Mount Grimrock. Legend of Grimrock is an amazing game to play and enjoy. For a super exciting Action-Adventure, RPG and Hack and Slash game-play, do play this awesome game. You’ll definitely like it.


#2 Shadow Warrior


Shadow Warrior is a First-person Action-packed Hack and Slash, Shooter and RPG video game by Flying Wild Hog. The reboot of 1997’s Shadow Warrior features the protagonist with same character named Lo Wang and is set in an Asian Themed game world. Lo Wang is a Modern ninja, is controllable by a first person perspective and fight against the hordes of Evil Powers. Shadow Warrior consists of a number of game levels presented in a chapter wise order and lets you progress gradually from smaller stages to the huge ones with open Battles Arenas and Melee Combats. You as the protagonist can act and use various types of fire arms along with traditional ninja swords. Your basic task is to kill all the enemies and complete the game objectives in time to move towards the higher level of expertise. Shadow Warrior allows you to battle against differently categorized enemies who have various skills and tactics to fight against you. Their abilities are classified according to their skills and strength. You must first fight against the smaller enemies to gradually go against the ones with same strength as you possess. In order of fighting against an enemy who is stronger than you, will cost you a life. Shadow Warrior offers best graphics, a good story and an open world.

#3 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings


The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings developed by Polish Studios, CD Projekt Red and published by Atari, Inc., Badnai Namco Games and CyberFront in the same year of 2011. This super addicting game is a sequel to The Witcher and is packed with great Action-Adventure, RPG and intense Hack and Slash elements. The game is based on the story from a novel written by a Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. From its first appearance in the market to the present day, this game is a real success. Graphics, game-play and story-line is quite to its predecessor. With an open world gaming environment, Stealth mode, tons of new content and bug fixes, this game attracts the players a lot. The Witcher, genetically mutated Geralt takes you to an amazing land of wonders. Battles with monsters and humans and their extremely disastrous super powers are a key element in the success of the game. Playing this game won’t cost you a bit of tiredness and make you feel sorry for your precious time. Give it a try and experience an extremely engaging and thrilling nature of the game.


#4 Transistor


Transistor is a Sci-Fi, Action-Adventure and an RPG video game developed and published by Supergiant Games for PC, Mac OS X, Linux, Steam and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles. Transistor’s story revolves around the character of a female protagonist Red, who mourns the death of an unknown man killed by a large sword named as Titular Transistor. She vows to revenge and gets against a mighty army of the Robots named as Process. Red paces on in the game with the story and reaches Goldwick District where she gets to know about the machines are being controlled by Camerata a sinister faction of outlaws. She starts collecting the evidences and following the leads and finally reaches to the Highrise District. Red after a huge battle against the Process finally reaches to the core of the actions and destroys the whole Process system along with all the accessories and machines in the field. After that she returns back to the previous location and learns that the man died in the beginning cannot be revived and commits suicide. The game concludes. Transistor is one amazing Action-Adventure and RPG video game that will surely take you to the heights of excitement and amazingness of all the things this game has to offer. You should try it out and enjoy the ultimate fun.

#5 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition


The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition is an amazing Action-Adventure, RPG and Hack and Slash video game by CD Projekt RED. The game basically offers a more enhanced and upped version of the ground breaking “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings” and allows you to enjoy an immersive and quite addictive game-play. The game lets you be the main protagonist named as Geralt of Rivia who is a skilled Mercenary, Monster Slayer and a Witcher by profession. Engulfed in the manipulative havoc of political agendas, the Kingdom of Temeria is getting destroyed by all the rebels, criminals, monsters and The Order of the Flaming Rose, a rebel movement working to overthrow the king and kill him. As the personal bodyguard to the Monarch King Foltest, your task is to save the king and help him in the matters of restoring the order in Temeria. Lead the mighty armies to the mighty La Velette Castle, overthrow the queen, and follow the footsteps of the mysterious Assassin to complete the game objectives. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings offers the enhanced Red engine that helped improve the graphics and mechanics of the game and now you can enjoy the brilliant game-play and immersive story from a totally new and refined perspective. For a marvelous Action-Adventure, Hack and Slash and RPG experience, do try this game, you’ll definitely love it.

#6 Bastion


Bastion is a Wonderful Action-RPG video game developed by Supergiant Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game lets you control The Kid, move though floating platforms in a fantasy-based environment, fight enemies, collect Shards of Rocks, Use magical powers and different weapons (Swords, Hammers, knives etc.) in epic enemy encounters, explore and solve puzzles in World of Caelondia and enjoy the ultimate fun. With wonderful graphics, and challenging game-play, Bastion is a wonderful game to play. One brilliant feature of the game is the Dynamic Voice-over presented in a beautiful 2D environment and the Isometric Camera view makes it even more involving. For all the hardcore Action-RPG enthusiasts, Bastion offers hours of pure entertainment, so do try this one out.

#7 Guacamelee!


Guacamelee! Is a fantastic Action-Adventure, Beat em’ Up, Hack and Slash and RPG video game that features the player character named as Juan who embarks on a journey to save the El President’s Daughter. Juan is basically a wrestler type of character who uses punches and special skills to eliminate his enemies and to defeat the bosses. Guacamelee! Enables you to use grapple attack on your enemies and once they are in close range, kick them out for good using your iron hands. This brilliant fighting and beat em’ up game mostly focuses on melee combats and allows you to enjoy a side-scrolling game-play, with amazingly well designed mechanics and visuals. Every enemy kill awards you with coins that you can use to buy upgrades and stuff. With an amazing amount of challenging puzzles, ability to switch between the land of dead and the land of the living, fast-paced action and thrill filled game-play and all the wonderful things, Guacamelee! Is one amazing game to play.