Cytus II


Games Like Cytus II for Nintendo Wii

#1 Rock Band


Rock Band, developed by Harmonix in collaboration with Pi Studios and published by MTV Games and Electronic Arts is a fun Music creation and Puzzle video game. The game features an exciting and quite challenging game-play as you play the game by using different game controllers all at once or as a single player. Just like the games in Guitar Hero series, you are able to play the game using external game controllers and by pressing, the button on right time when a musical note falls down or slides in front of you on the screen. The game lets you use different musical instrument control pads like Guitars, Drums or other musical instruments etc. according to your needs. You can play this game as a musical band and upon completion of a musical track, all of the players earn points and during the game-play players collect power-ups as overdrives and use them to buy upgrades from in game stores. Rock Band provides with brilliant 3D graphics along with Single and Multiplayer gaming experience.


#2 Rhythm Heaven Fever


Rhythm Heaven Fever is Music, Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Nintendo SPD. It is the third installment in the series of Rhythm Heaven and offers new music, exciting locations and more. It offers similar gameplay like its previous editions and includes different levels with a set of rules. Each level has different gameplay and tasks. The player must clear each level by defeating evil spirits using a sword and playing badminton. It ranks the player at the end of each level on his performance. As the level clear, the game unlocks other levels, and the player has to complete each level within time. The player has to progress through the game, complete each level and gain enough points to unlock other content. It has a Dual mode, in which two players and compete against each other. The player must each earn enough points in total to get his desired rank. With superb soundtracks, addictive gameplay, and brilliant visuals, Rhythm Heaven Fever is the best game to play.

#3 DJ Hero


DJ Hero is Music, Rhythm, Single and Multiplayer video game released by FreeStyleGames. The game is about creating a new music from previously recorded songs using the sound effects producers and record players, with ninety-four remixes. It features at least hundred different songs of various genres. To earn the points, you must hit the button to activate beats, maintain their crossfade between scratch and two songs. The game features both Single-player and Multiplayer modes. There are a variety of songs, and you must select one of them to start your game, press the button to adjust beat and score the highest points to progress through the game. Show off your abilities in different modes and become the ultimate master. As the game proceed, it becomes challenging and other levels will be unlocked to play and play. With exciting music gameplay, wonderful visuals and superb mechanics, DJ Hero is the best music game to play and enjoy.


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