Crysis Alternatives for Android


Crysis, First person shooter is an outstanding production of Crytek Studios played mostly on Xbox, PlayStation and Pc. This game revolves around the Alien invasion that almost totally devastated the Earth. With a bunch of Sequels it has now reached to the Latest version of the game Called Crysis Trilogy… read more
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10 Games Like Crysis for Android


1. Call of Duty: Strike Team

Call of Duty: Strike Team is a wonderful combination of FPS and Strategy gaming. The game focuses on the hardcore battles and lets you be part of a Squad, and enjoy an amazing hardcore Action filled game-play in single player campaign. Your progress and level of expertise depends on how well you use your best strategies and skills while facing the enemies. With upgrades like perks and gear, weapons, etc. you can top the leader-boards and enjoy being the one with amazing Shooting skills. Call of Duty: Strike Team offers brilliant gyroscope control that makes the game more engaging and thrilling. Call of Duty: Strike Team is a great game to play and enjoy.


2. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, developed and published by Gameloft Montreal is an Action packed First Person Shooter Video game. The game is the fourth installment in the series and is a direct sequel to Modern Combat: Sand Storm. You act upon the role of Corporal Joel Black who fights to rescue the politicians and the president of United States from a group of terrorists. The antagonist, Edward Page who is a former Green Beret, turns against the government and vows to destroy the country. For a little show of power, the antagonist with the help of another former Green Beret and the head of summit security providing company Everett Saunders destroys War Crime Investigation Building in Seattle. The protagonist with the help of fellow commandos, gets through the hordes of mercenaries killing everyone in his way and finally reaches in front of the antagonist. After a long run of battles and close combats he finally frees the President along with other politicians and the game concludes. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour provides with a war like gaming environment and offers a lot of weapons and military techniques to play the game. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour offers a brilliant story, unique and enhanced visuals and sounds along with an engaging game-play to enjoy.


3. N.O.V.A 3

N.O.V.A 3 or Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3 developed and published by Gameloft is another superbly created game like Deus Ex: The Fall. The game covers Action-Adventure, Sci-Fi and First Person Shooter categories and is available to play on Android, iOS, BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8. The game kicks off with a distress call to Commander Kal Wardin from Yelena (AI) on Earth. Commander Kal Wardin crash lands on earth in the area of San Francisco and meets up with Sergeant Becker. Upon reaching to N.O.V.A Squad, he finds out that the N.O.V.A has stolen the Judger’s Artifact the only thing that can transform earth to its oldest habitable form. Commander Kal vows to get back the artifact and returns back to base in space. After the necessary preparations, sets out in search of the Judgers and finds them in a distant quadrant, engages in a hardcore and destructive battle and finally acquires back the Judgers Artifact. N.O.V.A 3 presents a hardcore action game-play along with a superbly written and acted upon storyline. Because of the Sci-Fi nature of the game, you’ll surely enjoy what this game has to offer you.


4. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is an Action-Adventure, First-person Shooter, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Gameloft. It is the third installment in the series of Modern Combat, and it serves as the sequel to Modern Combat: Sandstorm, released in 2009. The game offers the similar gameplay to its predecessor and also comes with the similar gameplay to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The Single-player mode comprises more than thirteen challenging levels, takes place in Alaska, Hollywood, and the Middle East. During the gameplay, the player uses a huge arsenal of weaponry to kill enemies and complete multiple missions to earn points. The player explores the world from a first-person perspective, the battle against enemies, and unlock further items to become the master. The player will encounter lots of NPCs and struggle several complete missions for them to earn rewards. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation includes prominent features such as FPS, Earn Experience Points, Multiplayer Modes, and more. Try it out, and enjoy it.


5. Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn is an Action, FPS (First-person Shooter), Role-playing, Single and Multiplayer video game by Freyr Games. The game takes place in the fictional universe and includes over four character classes. Select your class and jump into the game world where you have to fight against rival enemies using advanced weapons. It has a set of levels, and each level comprises different objectives. Each character represents unique weapons, skills, and abilities. Explore the game world, navigate different environments, interact with objects and NPCs and complete a series of missions to earn experience points. You can fight against enemies with four friends in co-op mode and can compete against other players in PvP mode. Team-up with other players, accomplish quests and face deadly bosses at the end of each level. The game unlocks other levels as you progress in it. Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn offers core features such as Epic Bosses, Fight Scenes, Seven Weapons, Co-op, PvP and more. It is the best game to play and enjoy.


6. Blitz Brigade

Another marvel in the line of Action-Adventure gaming and one of the best alternatives to “Deus Ex: The Fall”, Blitz Brigade is also developed and published by “Gameloft” for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 gaming platforms. The game is set in the era of World War 2 with a game-play hugely inspired by the super hit game “Battlefield Heroes”. “Blitz Brigade” is an action and adventure filled First Person Shooter video game that features multiple location maps, vehicles and game modes like Deathmatch, Capture the flag and Domination etc. The game offers the player to choose between the characters of soldiers, gunners, medics, stealth and sniper marksmen in different missions like Machine Gun (Mission), Survival, Sniper Elimination and Helicopter warfare etc. The game mostly provides with a war like environment in an open world and the protagonist completes different missions in which he eliminates the enemies by using different weapons and tactics. “Blitz Brigade” is kind of different from other mentioned games on our list but with an action-adventure and stealth game play this game will surely amuse you to the limits. If you want to experience an bit of change, you must try this game out. You’ll definitely like it.


7. Fields of Battle

Last entrant on our list of games like Shadowgun is Fields of Battle. Fields of Battle combines Shooting and strategy together to provide with a mind boggling and an amazing game-play. With a super amazing combination of shooting, strategy, stealth and multiplayer gaming make it a wonderful addiction to the roster of games like Shadowgun. The game uses paint balls instead of bullets that mark the deceased enemies and levels you up with every kill. The experience points and other achievements can be used to buy upgrades like weapons, techniques etc. With a lot of cool upgrades, weapons, cool visuals, an amazingly addictive game-play and a lot of other cool things, Fields of Battle is a cool game to play and enjoy. Do try it out.


8. Rivals at War

Rivals at War is a Strategy, Massively Multiplayer Online, and Shooting Simulation created by Hothead Games available to play on Android and iOS. The game takes place in the stunning environment and lets you create your team with shooters and soldiers who are ready to battle anywhere and anytime. According the story, the world is threatened by terrorists and rival players who torture the citizens. Your aim is to train your selected soldier and equip them with powerful weapons and command them in battle. Attack on enemies using weapons and defeat them to earn points and win amazing rewards. The game lets you immerse yourself in realistic head-to-head battle and conquer rival teams around the globe. You have to fight for glory with the aim to become the elite of the elite. There are four different combat scenarios and each offers different military missions and battlefield. It has six different types of troops and you can choose one of them to get into the world. Accuracy, Defense, Speed, Health Abilities, etc. are the most prominent power-ups in the game. With fantastic gameplay, wonderful mechanics, and exciting story with smooth controls, Rivals at War is the best game to play and enjoy.


9. Rivals at War: Firefight

Rivals at War: Firefight is an Action-Adventure, Third-person Shooter, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Hothead Games. The game offers multiple character classes and lets the player select his one of them to get into the world where he must control a team of elite and set out himself on epic missions to fulfill the objectives. It takes place in the 3D environment full of targeting and shooting experience. The player assumes the role of the commander and his ultimate task is to go against rival team and effort as many members as possible to score the points and conquer the battlefield. The game has seven different combat scenarios each with a unique set of missions, day and night cycle. Commander, Radioman, Saw Gunner, Breacher, Sniper, etc. are soldiers in the game. After earning enough points, the player can upgrade his team, weapons, and equipment. He can change the appearance of his characters using customization feature and use powerful tactic cards to turn each battle on his side. There are up to forty unlockable achievements available, and the game includes core features such as seven different Scenarios, Six Classes, 40 Achievements, Compete against other Players, and more. Try it out.


10. Modern Combat Versus

Modern Combat Versus is an Action-packed, First-person Shooter and Multiplayer video game developed by Gameloft for those players who love playing Shooting games. It brings up to twelve specialized agents to master and lets the player select his favorite one and customize in his style. The game takes place in the highly detailed next generation world and lets the player explore the environment from a first-person perspective, use a variety of advanced weaponry and pits against enemies and slay them before they kill you. Interact with other players from around the globe, team up and battle against another rival team to score the highest points. The player participates in 4 vs. 4 matches to control the central zone. There are a series of missions, and each mission comes with challenging objectives that the player has to complete. Modern Combat Versus includes exciting features such as Pick-ups, Upgrades, a huge arsenal of Weaponry, New Modes and Agents and more. Try it out.

More About Crysis

Crysis, First person shooter is an outstanding production of Crytek Studios played mostly on Xbox, PlayStation and Pc. This game revolves around the Alien invasion that almost totally devastated the Earth. With a bunch of Sequels it has now reached to the Latest version of the game Called Crysis Trilogy. Crysis Trilogy takes us further into the whole new world of rivalry in between Humans and Aliens and offers a unique experience of graphics. Crysis kicks off with the discovery of a massive ancient structure hidden deep into the mountains of the fictitious Lingshen Islands situated near the east coast of Philippines. The game allows you to wear on the role of Jake Dunn, a U.S. Army Delta Force operative known as the “Nomad”. Crysis offers a number of advanced weapons and other gear such as the “NanoSuit” for you to lace up your character with and go hunt down the enemies. The game tasks you to fight against two major enemies at the same time such as the North Korean forces and Aliens both opposing you for the Alien Structure discovered recently. Your task is to stop the enemy’s infiltration into key areas of the world, save the alien structure and your fellow officials. Crysis offers various modernistic weapons, military grade vehicles such as Humvees, Jet Aircraft, Excavators, Forklifts etc. as well as a multiplayer mode in which you can play with up to 32 players in Co-Op mode and fight the enemies as teams. Crysis offers a brilliant storyline along with a hardcore action and thrill filled gameplay and state of the art visuals.