Conflict Zone


Games Like Conflict Zone for Xbox 360

#1 Supreme Commander


Supreme Commander or popularly known as SupCom is a wonderful Real-Time Strategy and MMO video game by Gas Powered Games. The game allows you to Pilot giant Mechs named as Armored Command Units (ACUs) and lets you build your own Base, build more Mech units like the one you are piloting, use sophisticated technologies to upgrade your mech units, wage wars against the enemies and conquer their outposts. You can select anyone of the three main factions, go hunting on the enemies and eventually expand your mechanical reign. With a number of fantastic Single and Multiplayer Campaign, missions and side missions for you to engage yourself in and enjoy a brilliant experience. Supreme Commander is the predecessor to 1997’s “Total Annihilation” if you consider it to and it offers almost similar game-play and mechanics and allows yo to have a totally unique MMO-RTS experience. With a futuristic game setting, beautifuly created 3D visuals and all the thrilling Campaigns in the game, Supreme Commander is one of the best games of this specific genre.