Combat Flight Simulator 2


Games Like Combat Flight Simulator 2 for PSP

#1 MACH: Modified Air Combat Heroes


MACH: Modified Air Combat Heroes is an Action, Sci-fi, Vehicular Combat, and Single-player Flight Simulation available for PlayStation Portable. The game mainly deals with Air Combat Simulation, and it takes place in the futuristic year 2049. According to the plot, the government is trying to rescue lives using the unnamed aircraft, means tons of planes and jets become grounded and useless. After that, they fetch high prices as ex-fighter pilots on the black market, who are now without a mission form an underground moment. By taking down the enemies, the player can enhance his character and unlock new airplanes and fighters, as well as their parts to upgrade them. The Multiplayer mode introduces several game types, such as Career Mode, Arcade Mode, Challenge Mode, and Dogfight Mode. Each mode comes with its unique set of objectives, game type, and challenges. The player navigates the world from a third-person viewpoint, use a set of weapons to take down enemies, and struggle to make as many points as possible. With superb gameplay, brilliant mechanics, and awesome story, MACH: Modified Air Combat Heroes is a wonderful game to play.